Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quarterly Q.A.

I started my morning running. Had my 8 a.m. Quality Assurance meeting that must have set a record lasting only 10 minutes. I don't know if that says we maintain a high standard of quality or we are so lacking we have nothing to say. Half the committee didn't show up so that may be the reason it went so quickly. The idea of Quality Assurance got me to thinking that it might be worthwhile to have a Quarterly Quality Assurance meeting in every family, marriage, relationship or just one's own life. Each member could establish their measurable indicators for their own life, for the relationship or family and then report quarterly. It might be a great opportunity to communicate personal goals as well as family goals and whether they are being achieved. Of course I would have to be chairperson of my committee.....I'm just bossy that way! Now I need to establish my own indicators.

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