Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Friday Night Lights

It's Wednesday...hump day....or just plain one day closer to the weekend. I hate living from one weekend to another because it's like wishing my life away and I'm kinda feeling I'm on the down hill side of life as it is. Don't need it to pass any quicker than necessary. The respite from the heat is wonderful and the rain has made the grass green again. I even went for a walk last night and it was quite enjoyable. Made me start looking forward to the fall. I just love September when the county fair comes to town and you know the state fair is around the corner. There is a smell in the air (possibly the livestock) but who cares, it has its own distinctive aroma. I think of bright eyed kids eyeballing the rides and anxious to try their hands at winning the giant stuffed animals. The state fair brings the promise of rain (it always rains during the fair) and you know that fall weather is just around the corner. I think my memories of the fair as a kid are partly why the fall is my favorite time of year. Football games on Saturdays and people flooding our town to see the Sooners at Owens Stadium. I don't have to go to the games to feel part of the festivities. I can hear the roar of the crowd from my back yard and the boom of the guns when our team scores. When I was a kid we lived near the stadium and all the kids in our neighborhood earned extra money parking cars in their front yards. That was quite a business for the 50's because we could park 20+ cars and even at a $.75 a car that was a lot of money for a kid back then. I expanded my business by adding babysitting services to the deal. On game days I might have 6 kids in my care and we'd have a picnic lunch and I'd walk the kids to the Stovall museum near our house to see the shrunken heads. Somehow that seemed to get their attention and they were good to go the rest of the afternoon. I love Halloween, Friday night high school football games and raking leaves. Wow....I can't wait!

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