Thursday, August 21, 2008

Food for thought

If reincarnation were a bona-fide fact than people would care more about how they left this planet when they died. If you knew with certainty that your happy behind was coming back you’d be recycling anything and everything. Who wants to come back to a planet that is nearly uninhabitable due to global warming? When you are 59 + years in age you of course care about what is left for future generations but you always know in the back of your head that it won’t impact your lifetime. HOWEVER, if you knew without a doubt that you were coming back conservation would take on a whole new meaning, don’t you think? I think it might create a whole new perspective on a lot of issues. Prejudices perhaps…any race, gender or religion that you discriminate against in this life time you might just come back as in the next. It’s an interesting thought don’t you think? Men who abuse their wives or girlfriends might return in the next life as a female married to an Iranian fundamentalist. Now there’s some justice. Child predators might return as orphaned street children in Ethiopia sold as sex slaves. If you really believed you would return to live another life in order to learn from your previous mistakes wouldn’t you think a lot harder about the consequences of your actions in this life time? I’d like to think so.


kenju said...

I'd like to think so too. I have been reading about reincarnation since the 1960's and it makes more sense to me than most philosophies.

oklhdan said...

I agree. I just can't imagine what the point is of living on this earth just long enough (to hopefully) get a clue but not long enough to apply what you've learned.