Tuesday, August 26, 2008

End of a long day!

This has been a long day. It was Employee Appreciation here at work. Our HR department does a great job putting this together every year. We have a fantastic luncheon where our Commissioners hand out the longevity pins. This year we had several 20 year pins plus two 25 year pins (mine included) and one 35 year service pin. I think it says a lot of an organization to have so many of its staff here for 20+ years. The people who are here are for the most part here because of the special children we serve.

I've been meeting myself coming and going the past two weeks. My daughter is currently in school working on a master's degree. She is taking an online course this semester and her dyslexia requires me to serve as her typist and editor. I am also recording her textbook for her and that really takes some time. She's been out of college now for 9 years so I'm out of practice not to mention older.............I hope I have the stamina to keep up. It will all be over Dec. 8th so guess I'll have to pace myself!

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