Friday, April 18, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One of THOSE people

As we age so many of our priorities and concerns change.  I  remember when my kids were young there were older neighbors on our block who were obsessed about their lawns.  I didn't have time to mow mine let alone be obsessed about it.  But oh how time changes things.

Yesterday Ron and I were fretting over the strange grass that seems to be invading our pristine Bermuda crop.  We inspected it, we pulled it, we tried to find out what it was online.  "OMG we have become THOSE people!  Our priorities have shifted........  It is partly due to the fact that we have spent so much money getting the front yard repaired after the driveway fiasco that we are now obsessed with the grass. 

I have the greatest weed getter outer you have ever seen.  The weed popper.   I mean I absolutely love this thing but with a bad hip I don't think I can pop anything except my hip out of socket.  However, I was tempted to try it on the offending grass.   Ron plans to get out there and dig it up by hand.  He's tried the weed popper but he just doesn't have the "gift".  He's too lead footed I think.

I wanted to plant flowers in the window boxes but then I thought....I'll be down most of the summer and that would make Ron have to keep them watered and he will have enough to do.  

So I guess everything is pretty much on hold until I get this surgery over and done with and rehab my way back to usefulness.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why people blog

I'm curious.....why do people blog?  What is the motivation?  Do younger people blog for different reasons than us seniors?  I'd guess that more younger people blog for financial reasons.  Why do you blog?

I got started by accident.  I had a private journal on AOL and wrote it in solely for myself.  I have always written in diaries and journals but thought it would be easier on the computer.  I discovered the AOL blog site and selected the "Private" journal and started writing.  Once I started writing on the computer there was no turning back. 

But then all of a sudden AOL took down their blogging site and I started looking for another one.  That's when I found blogger.  It was fairly simple to create another blog but I never figured out how to make it private.  That didn't really concern me because I figured NO ONE would ever see it but me anyway.  Then one day I got a "comment" and realized there were other people reading my rambling thoughts.  I was surprised but tickled.  

Now, it is more about the people I've "virtually" met because of blogging.  So many interesting and inspiring people.  It is amazing how quickly you think of them as friends.  You care about what is happening to them and happening in their lives.  

Realizing that other people are reading your thoughts does change the way you write.  I still write down the mundane things that are happening from day to day in my life just like I would if I wrote in my diary but I do censor myself a bit because I know that others are reading my thoughts as well.  It's like when I was a teenager and realized my mother was reading my diary..........believe me I was careful about what I wrote down on paper.  Not that I was doing anything bad but I didn't really want her to know that when Mike Sherman kissed me it made my toes curl!   Or that Mike Sherman kissed me at all for that matter.

I know that some bloggers write to share information about aging and there are some great sites out there.  Ronni Bennett provides invaluable information to seniors and a place for seniors to share their stories on the Elderstorytellingplace.  I just love to read the stories published on this site.

There are great blogs written by young mothers sharing tips on child care and the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond went from blogger to tv host of her on show on the Food Network.

So, I know there are lots of reasons to blog.....what is your motivation?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Yesterday it was 80 degrees, thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes and today it is snowing!

A friend of mine saw someone mowing their yard while it was snowing...............only in Oklahoma!

Friday, April 11, 2014

A horse named Charley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new muscle relaxer let me down last night.  I was awakened with the most horrible muscle spasms in both legs.  It hurt so bad I had to get out of bed and Ron had to rub my legs and feet until it stopped.  Poor Ron.....he's not getting any sleep either.

One of the causes associated with nightly muscle spasms and leg cramps is spinal stenosis and I know I have that in my lower back.  I sure hope it isn't the cause because I'm not sure what they can do about it other than surgery to relieve the pressure on the offending nerves.

Tonight I'm going to hydrate like crazy and hope for the best. By the time my surgery date gets here I'll be driving faster than a speeding bullet to get to the hospital.  I'm SOOOOO ready to get this over with and start rehab.

I decided we had a gremlin in the house because I kept losing things.  First I couldn't find my very favorite pair of black slacks....then my black hoodie went missing....then my favorite measuring scoop.  I was really beginning to wonder what the heck was going on when this morning what did I find hiding in the back of my closet?   My black slacks, then my daughter called and told me I left my black jacket at her house 2 weeks I just have to find that scoop and all will be right in my world again!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Will work for premiums

I went for my regular doctor's appointment yesterday.  I appear to be healthy enough for surgery.  That's good to know!  I did get a muscle relaxer to help with the muscle spasms I'm having in my leg.   I took it as soon as I got home yesterday and then by 7:00 I was toast.  I took the rest of my medicine and went to bed at 8:00.  I didn't remember another thing until 5:00 this morning!  I had a message to call the clinic this morning to get the results of my blood work and my A1c had improved greatly since my last test.  Down to 6.3.  At least that is on the right track.

Ron saw the oncologist yesterday.  I couldn't go because of my appointment but he's on the wait and see track again.  There were a cluster of nodules in his right lung that were new.  The report read it could be inflamation but could not rule out malignancy due to his history.  The good news is that it will still buy us enough time to get through my surgery.  His next scan will be June 30th.

While looking down the road at retirement and health care costs Ron and I have decided we will probably just get scooters and sit on the street corner with signs that read, "Will work for Part B premium".  Who knows, maybe we will get a taker.

Monday, April 7, 2014

We need more block parties!

After reading about the woman who had been dead in her garage for 7 years and no one had noticed she was gone.....I read today about twins in Tennessee that were found dead in their recliners and had been there since 2011.  Same scenario as the other incident.  The twins kept to themselves and the neighbors really didn't know them.  

"Police made a welfare check on them in 2011 at the request of a relative, but found nothing untoward to lead them to break into the house. They said a relative told them that it would be unsurprising if the twins moved without telling anyone in the family."

"Some just assumed the house was vacant."

"Although the Johnson brothers had stopped cutting their own grass, neighbors said it kept getting cut. No one has been able to say who maintained it, whether a neighborhood volunteer, relative or someone else."

"A note inside the mailbox indicated that mail delivery had stopped because the postal service thought the Johnson brothers had moved."

All this got me to thinking about my own neighborhood.  I've lived in the same house for 45 years.  In the beginning I knew every neighbor on my block.  I knew them by name and their children by name and socialized with almost every one of them.

We met outside on summer evenings and had coffee and desert together.  We had New Year's Eve parties and played cards together. 

Today.....I know the names of 5 of my neighbors.  I don't know all their last names though.  I rarely see any of them with the exception of the couple that lives directly across the street.  Judd and his wife Alice have lived there about 10 years and they would notice if Ron and I hadn't been seen in awhile but I doubt anyone else would notice. 

The world has changed over the years and so have our neighborhoods.  I never see children playing outside anymore.  The last time I saw a child in my neighborhood was when a child from 3 blocks away stopped by to sell us cookies.

We had a neighbor pass away alone in her home 2 years ago.  Since she was very involved in her church it is sad to say they were the first ones to miss her on a Sunday morning.  It wasn't her neighbors her found her but her church family.  Thank goodness she hadn't been dead for days.....she had passed away sometime the day before.

This makes me want to host a block party!