Saturday, December 9, 2017


We are home now.  Finally got checked out of the hospital about 3:30 this afternoon.  Sent home with a lot of instructions.  Ron has to make a follow-up appointment with the neurologist, they also want him to get a sleep study done (possible sleep apnea) and he is to follow-up with his primary care physician within a week.

We got his prescriptions filled and he is taking Kepra 2 x day. An antibiotic 4 x day plus his regular medications.  I know he is tired but he sure has been cranky.  Mike kept calling over and over after we got home and it was just making Ron irritable.  I shielded all the calls but just the fact that Mike was calling was irritating Ron.  I can see I'm in for a rough ride for awhile.

I sure hope we don't have any more seizures but I guess I'm prepared if we do.  If there is a next time I am to call the doctor immediately if it lasts more than 5 minutes.  (Oh Lord I don't know if I'll last if it's more than 5 minutes.  I hope I'm not afraid to go to sleep tonight.  I'll be on alert for the slightest noise.  I felt safe while he was in the hospital because I knew there were people to handle it and it wasn't all on my shoulders.  

Somehow I managed to get all Mike's meals prepared today and I'll take them to him tomorrow.  I need to spend some time with him so I can reassure him that I'm still going to take care of him.  In fact I have to take him to a doctor's appointment Friday.

I hope that I can sneak over to see little Piper this week.  I miss the little stink pot.  Nothing like a two year old to make you feel better.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Day 4

Well we didn't get to go home today.  Although Ron's fever was back to normal they wanted to give him IV antibiotics today and maybe home tomorrow.  Tonight he had blood in his urine so I am guessing he has a UTI brought on by the straight cath they did in the ER Tuesday.  This may have been the cause of the temp.  Anyway, they did a urine culture so I'm sure they will get something for that as well.  He did say he felt a lot better today and he was disappointed he didn't get to come home.

They have him on two seizure medications, Kepra and something else.  Side effect is fatigue.  If it gets too bad we are to let the doctor know.  Another side effect is aggression.  Again if it gets bad notify physician.  Sometimes I think drugs cause more problems than they cure.

I left the patient sleeping this afternoon and went to get a haircut.  After wards I ran to the grocery store to get what I need to make Mike's meals tomorrow.  While I was in the store I was fretting that my hair was cut too short when a very nice lady about my age stopped me and said, "I love your haircut...where do you get it cut?"  I gave her my hairdresser's name and thanked her for the compliment telling her I had just been fretting about it being too short.  I told her my husband would prefer I had hair cascading  down my back but the only thing cascading I me is the loose skin on my neck.  We ended up chatting a little while and then exchanged phone numbers with a promise to meet for coffee after my life settles down.  So fun.........never know when or where you will make a new friend.

I have a feeling my life is about to get really busy.  With Ron unable to drive he won't be able to help me as much with Mike.  Mike has really done great the past 4 days but his anxiety is starting to build.  When he gets focused on himself and worried about how HE is going to be affected by all this it kind of gets under my skin.  I realize it is his illness but it sure is irritating.  He wants me to bring Ron to his condo on Saturday to watch football with him.  I told him he has to be patient with Ron and give him time to get back on his feet.  I'm also concerned about how all these meds may impact Ron's disposition and whether he will continue to have enough patience to deal with Mike.  It was hard before all this happened.

Anyway, it's just another chapter we have yet to write.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

In The Blink Of An Eye

I say it all the time, "Your life can change forever in a blink of an eye."  Our lives changed at 5:00 am Dec. 5th.  I woke up to this ear piercing sound.  At first I thought Ron was having a bad dream and I reached for his hand and his entire arm was stiff.  Then I could feel him convulsing.  I turned on the light and he was in a full blown grandmal seizure.  I don't know how but I stayed calm.  I turned him on his side to be sure he didn't choke and then I called 911.  I had to brace myself between Ron and the wall in order to keep him from falling off the bed.  The seizure lasted over a minute.  By the time the paramedics arrived it was over but Ron was still unconscious.  His eyes were still rolled back.

He was loaded on the ambulance and taken to the hospital.  By the time I was allowed to see him he was awake but had no idea what was going on.  He did recognize me so I knew he was coming around.  Around 8 am my daughter and son-in-law left to go get something to eat.  Jamie is diabetic and her blood sugar was dropping.  They had no more left when Ron had another seizure.  It was just as strong as the first one but only lasted 60 seconds.  This time he came around a little faster but was even more confused.  At one point they asked his name, he didn't know, asked him who is the President and again he didn't know.  The doctor said that was normal and left the room.  Ron then looked at me and asked, "Who is the President?"  I couldn't help myself, I said Hillary Clinton.  I asked him if he remembered changing his voter registration.  He said, "No".  I told him he's now a Democrat and he voted for Hillary.  He looked at me like he smelled a skunk.  

Just so you don't think I'm a horrible wife...I did tell him the truth.  He response though was, "I knew I didn't vote for a woman."   (He's got some splaining to do when he gets well).

But he is now in the hospital.  Lots of tests being run.  So far nothing to explain the seizures has been found.  Today he is running a 102.4 temp. so more tests and then hopefully he can come home tomorrow.  He will not be allowed to drive for 6 months.  This is not making him happy.  If he has another seizure during the 6 months the time starts all over.

The neurologist said we may never know the cause however he has a 50/50 chance of having another one.

So our lives have definitely changed.  But it is one day at a time.  I have to see if I can manage caring for two men now.  I'm gonna give it a try.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone had as good a Thanksgiving as I did.  I spent it with my favorite two year old!

 I am crazy about this little girl!  Piper just turned two and she's full of vim and vigor!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Ghost Dog

Things are getting better around here.  Ron picked up Bella's ashes Monday and just having her here seems to have helped Ron accept the fact that she's gone.  My daughter Julie is making a shadow box frame to house her little jersey, collar and some other favorite things along with her picture.  My daughter Jamie is making a book for Ron with all the pictures of Bella.  

I still find myself expecting to see her when I open the door.  Ron and I have both felt her at night while we are sleeping.  Ron said he felt her little body curled up tucked against his stomach.  He said he didn't want to move for fear the feeling would go away.  I have felt her walk across my legs.  Oh how our pets become like our children.  She was 14 1/12 years old and Ron called her his "baby girl".  And what distinct and individual personalities they have.

I had been feeling so good for over a month.  No wheezing or coughing and then suddenly it's back.  I saw the pulmonologist Wednesday and I have bronchitis and another infection.  Back on an antibiotic and albuterol and the works.  The Dulera inhaler we learned is not on my insurance formulary and will cost $389.00.  I am pretty sure I can get it at the Indian Clinic but I have to see their doctor first.  I couldn't get an appointment until the 29th and my sample runs out in 3 days.  Caught in between.  There is no generic form of Dulera so I found a coupon site for a free trial but the site is down for routine maintenance.  Of course it said it would just be a few hours and that was 24 hours ago.  I did find a few more coupons that said up to 80% off or 60% off but I don't know if they will be accepted.  Going to find out today.

All this leads me to fear what may be coming next by this insane President and his administration.  Talks of cuts to Medicare and Medicaid along with cuts to Social Security just make my blood boil.  I'm fortunate enough to have the Indian Health Services.  I can't get everything there but just being able to get 90% of my medications free is a huge help.  I can't imagine how other people who are not as fortunate get by.  The co-pays alone would be difficult.

I saw a story about two sisters with breast cancer.  They were both born in Ontario but one sister moved to California with her husband.  The sister in Ontario wrote an article about their shared experience with breast cancer.  She had her surgery and treatment and then just concentrated on getting well.  Her sister had the same surgery and treatment but had to deal with the stress of reviewing pages and pages of bills and matching them to EOB's to see if the charges were legitimate.  All while going through chemo and radiation.  Her final cost was over $15,000 out of pocket.  Two completely different experiences.

People have to choose everyday between paying the electric bill, food or seeing a doctor.  Unfortunately too many avoid the doctor for fear of the cost.  That's not right in an industrialized country like America.  But that will only get worse as we continue to be controlled by the upper 0.01%.  The distribution of wealth is unbelievable and it's the power that comes with that kind of wealth that continues to dictate policy in this country.  I told Ron that soon it will be like we are the serfs under the power of 0.01%.

Please tell me there is hope to turn this around?


Sunday, November 5, 2017

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Our sweet little dog Bella and Ron's constant companion crossed the rainbow bridge on Monday.  We learned on Friday that she had kidney failure and she deteriorated very quickly over the weekend.  We made the decision to have her euthanized and the vet came to our home on Monday and put her to sleep.  

Bella only weighed 5.8 pounds when she was healthy and in 2 days she had dropped to 4.8.  She literally laid in Ron's lap for 3 days.  Ron never went to bed he just stayed in the recliner holding her all weekend.  This has been so hard on him.

Bella was truly Ron's dog.  She went everywhere with him.  She had her own football jersey and she watched football with him. Our house feels very empty without her.  I have felt so bad for Ron.  I don't know if he will ever want another dog or not.  He can't even talk about it right now.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Random Thoughts

Ron should be home in a few hours from his trip.  He took my brother on a road trip to Tennessee.  I was supposed to go but at the last minute had to stay home to tend to our ailing little dog.  She is almost 15 years old and has suddenly started going downhill.  She was so distraught with Ron gone that she has been on a hunger strike for the last 4 days.  I hope she will start eating again when Ron gets home because if not she will certainly be looking at some serious issues.

Ron and Mike met Ron's daughter and husband in Greenville, Tenn.  They were there to watch their son play in a Lacrosse game.  I'm sure they all had a good time.  Ron said Mike did very well on the trip.  

My cough is slowly returning.  I'm calling the lung doctor tomorrow.  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do.  He told me last time we were there to call if there were any changes.   I stayed clear for a month.

I'm still painting rocks.  It has become quite an addictive hobby.  I painted a bunch of Halloween rocks, ghosts, Frankensteins etc.  I have as much fun painting them as I do hiding them.  Two of my friends started painting them as well.

Our little girl (Piper) turns two on Thursday.  I got her a couple of little outfits and some books.  It is so much fun to be shopping for a little one.  The girls and I are going together to get her a little table and chairs set for Christmas.  We talked to her mom and she picked one out that she likes and we would rather buy one big gift rather than shower her with stuff she won't play with very long.

You would think we'd be numb to the stuff Trump does but every day I'm more and more disgusted.  His proposed budget and tax cuts make no sense.  How can anyone support the Republican agenda?  How can they think this will be in their best interest?  It just blows my mind!