Friday, November 10, 2017

Ghost Dog

Things are getting better around here.  Ron picked up Bella's ashes Monday and just having her here seems to have helped Ron accept the fact that she's gone.  My daughter Julie is making a shadow box frame to house her little jersey, collar and some other favorite things along with her picture.  My daughter Jamie is making a book for Ron with all the pictures of Bella.  

I still find myself expecting to see her when I open the door.  Ron and I have both felt her at night while we are sleeping.  Ron said he felt her little body curled up tucked against his stomach.  He said he didn't want to move for fear the feeling would go away.  I have felt her walk across my legs.  Oh how our pets become like our children.  She was 14 1/12 years old and Ron called her his "baby girl".  And what distinct and individual personalities they have.

I had been feeling so good for over a month.  No wheezing or coughing and then suddenly it's back.  I saw the pulmonologist Wednesday and I have bronchitis and another infection.  Back on an antibiotic and albuterol and the works.  The Dulera inhaler we learned is not on my insurance formulary and will cost $389.00.  I am pretty sure I can get it at the Indian Clinic but I have to see their doctor first.  I couldn't get an appointment until the 29th and my sample runs out in 3 days.  Caught in between.  There is no generic form of Dulera so I found a coupon site for a free trial but the site is down for routine maintenance.  Of course it said it would just be a few hours and that was 24 hours ago.  I did find a few more coupons that said up to 80% off or 60% off but I don't know if they will be accepted.  Going to find out today.

All this leads me to fear what may be coming next by this insane President and his administration.  Talks of cuts to Medicare and Medicaid along with cuts to Social Security just make my blood boil.  I'm fortunate enough to have the Indian Health Services.  I can't get everything there but just being able to get 90% of my medications free is a huge help.  I can't imagine how other people who are not as fortunate get by.  The co-pays alone would be difficult.

I saw a story about two sisters with breast cancer.  They were both born in Ontario but one sister moved to California with her husband.  The sister in Ontario wrote an article about their shared experience with breast cancer.  She had her surgery and treatment and then just concentrated on getting well.  Her sister had the same surgery and treatment but had to deal with the stress of reviewing pages and pages of bills and matching them to EOB's to see if the charges were legitimate.  All while going through chemo and radiation.  Her final cost was over $15,000 out of pocket.  Two completely different experiences.

People have to choose everyday between paying the electric bill, food or seeing a doctor.  Unfortunately too many avoid the doctor for fear of the cost.  That's not right in an industrialized country like America.  But that will only get worse as we continue to be controlled by the upper 0.01%.  The distribution of wealth is unbelievable and it's the power that comes with that kind of wealth that continues to dictate policy in this country.  I told Ron that soon it will be like we are the serfs under the power of 0.01%.

Please tell me there is hope to turn this around?



Florence said...

There is hope but people have to want it enough to contact their members of Congress by phone, email, or letters. And they have to want it enough to support financially if possible or by volunteering in the campaigns of candidates who will support legislation which is in the best interests of the 99%. And finally, they must actually vote. The demagogue’s best ally is the person who gives up and says it doesn’t matter what they do. It does matter. Every vote and every email, phone call, and letter matters. This is our country and it is our responsibility.
Stepping down from soap box.
There are two organizations I would encourage you to Google and become involved with:
Americans of Conscience

I’m 70 years old and I have never been so involved (and incensed) in politics in my life but I’ll be darned if I’m going to leave my country in the hands of such a bunch of thugs to the next generation.
Back down from soap box.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

oklhdan said...

I agree with you 100% Florence and have been volunteering for years in our local Democratic Party headquarters. Unfortunately haven't been as active this year but have manned the phones from home. We have so much going on here just in state politics. Campaigning for the govenor's race and praying we get a Democrat. Senate elections are just as important. We need to regain the majority.

Olga Hebert said...

From what I have seen having a major illness is the equivalent of taking on a full time job without getting paid. All the stress of being sick plus having to navigate the insurance system cannot be healthy for anyone.

Deb said...

I don't know people in the US cope with illness in the financial thuggery the medical system has become. A few years ago my late sister-in-law spent an evening in the ER. They did nothing but give her two aspirin and the bill was $7,000. We both have serious inherited neuromuscular illness which while we lived in the US, when my husband was attending university, meant we couldn't get medical insurance. Terrifying!

And as for feeling Bella at night, I'm not surprised. The spirit of one of our long departed and greatly loved cats has come and gone for over 25 years now. When he jumps on the end of the bed my big Persian turns and watches him as he comes up to snuggle in behind my knees. (The Persian sleeps in my arms) Both my husband and I have had the experience of feeling the weight and warmth of a cat settle in at the crook of our knees, treading the covers and purring like crazy, reaching down to pet what we thought was one of our *living* cats and finding *nothing* there. One early morning I woke to a purring, treading cat at my knees, looked over and saw both of our cats curled up with my husband. I don't mind. I enjoy his quiet little visits.

Hugs from Canada