Saturday, December 3, 2016

For all practical purposes my Christmas shopping is done.  I've wrapped all the gifts and they are under the tree.  All this done while fighting yet another round of bronchitis.  With the exception of coughing my fool head off and blowing my nose every 6 seconds I really don't feel too bad.  I went to the doctor yesterday and got two shots, two inhalers, a steroid pack and cough medicine.  If this stuff doesn't kill me I should be cured shortly.

Ron and I have really struggled with this whole election.  He didn't vote for Trump but in my opinion voting for a 3rd party was a vote for him none the less.  He said he just couldn't vote for Hillary because he didn't trust her.  I asked him if he trusted Trump and he said no.  Makes no sense to me.  But then nothing about this election ever made sense to me.

I enjoyed having the house to myself today.  Ron was with Mike watching a football game.  I cooked all Mike's meals for next week and have them ready to deliver tomorrow.  I also managed to clean the house and mop all the floors.  Felt good to just get it all done. 

Ron and I bought ourselves a family gift, a new refrigerator.  We have wanted a french door refrigerator for quite some time.  I needed a bigger freezer for all the meals I prepare for Mike and the side-by-side just wouldn't work.  Everything was so crowded.  I have to say I LOVE the new refrigerator!!!!  Everything is so easy to get to and the freezer is wonderful!  Home Depot had a 40% off sale and it was the perfect time to get one.  Next year I've decided to get a new gas range.  Currently I have an electric glass top range but I really want to convert to a gas range.

Tomorrow I plan to make eggnog bread.  Now it's time to take another breathing treatment and then it's off to bed I go.



Olga Hebert said...

Sorry to hear about the bronchitis. Speedy recovery.I was thinking of you the other day as I listened to a piece about OK schools on public radio. All I can say is YIKES! Unbelievable to me.

oklhdan said...

Oh it's horrible here. The schools have no money to purchase supplies or anything else including books. It's absolutely shameful. Our Governor has pushed for charter schools and has gutted public education. Now we have a President that wants to do the same thing.