Sunday, June 15, 2014

Today was a good day! I slept 7 hours straight through the night last night! This morning I I  got a little emotional because I have a bit of OCD which I've had under control for some time, years to be exact. I get obsessed about symmetry and things being balanced. I got upset this morning when Ron was making the bed because the skirt of the quilt was longer on one side than the other. It was crazy!!!!! I felt like such a crazy b@$&#tech!  My daughter was here and she was able to help me refocus and my sweet husband forgave me!!!!!!!!

Butch brought Mike over after church but all Mike did was cry.  I just hugged him and told him I am doing great. Just have to give a lot of reassurance.

Physically I'm getting stronger and the pain is lessening! I'm so lucky!!!!  Thanks everyone for all the encouragement because it really helped!


kenju said...

Glad to hear that. I suspect that your pain meds are playing havoc with your emotions, hence the OCD arising. It will get better!

Olga Hebert said...

Sounds like you are on the fast track to recovery. There is nothing OCD about having the bedding all symmetrical--that's only the right way to do it! Take good care.

Lisa said...

Best Wishes for a speedy recovery friend :)
Hugs, Lisa

Deb said...

My husband is perfectly content to let the blankets (or the top sheet) or quilt lay on the floor on his side and not even cover my side. It's "origami" bed-making and he is NOT artistic. I'm not OCD, just COLD darn it!

Meds mess wij yur haid, have you not noticed that in the past? And there's all that relief that, "Oh Sweet Baby Jane, I LIVED through it after all!" when everybody secretly believes they are headed for their last roundup as they climb on the gurney and head for surgery. So being a bit emotional is to be expected.

Personally I'd be milking this for a little more sympathy if I were you. You've got it coming, and it's probably the best chance you'll get in a long time. Use it wisely and well!

Anyhow, I'll hug ya if I can catch up with you! ;)