Friday, June 6, 2014

Cloudy with meatballs

Well it's a gloomy day in Oklahoma if that is the way you choose to look at it or it is a welcomed rain event!  I personally like the thunder and rain and the dark skies don't bother me either.  Our yard badly need this moisture and hopefully will get green and lush!

I only have two more days to work before surgery.  Monday will be my last day and I'm taking Tuesday to finish any errands that need completing.  I just ordered Mike's meds and will pick them up Tuesday.  Gotta keep him stocked or he'll have an anxiety attack.

Awhile back Ron helped Mike clean out a couple of storage buildings in his backyard.  They then filled one of them with items that could go in a yard sale.  I knew we wouldn't have time to do a sale this summer but figured we could get it done perhaps in the Fall.  But it appears Mike has been running a store out of his backyard.  He invites neighbors over to check out his wares (so-to-speak) and he actually made $40.00 yesterday.  He was so proud!  

Well, this may be better than a yard sale.  He's having fun and interacting with his neighbors.  One-at-a-time is not so overwhelming for him and I sure don't care how he does it.......!

I arranged for my older brother and his wife to help me celebrate Mike's 66th birthday this Sunday.  We are all meeting for dinner and Mike is the guest of honor.  His birthday isn't until the 14th but I'll be in the hospital so we are celebrating early.  He asked me this morning if we are celebrating rain or shine?   I assured him a little water wouldn't melt any of us!


Olga Hebert said...

once I had promised to pitch a baseball to a student during recess When the appointed time came it was raining. I thought we could postpone until the next day, but he informed me I would not melt. "You are not the wicked witch of the west, you know." I wanted him to repeat that for taping.

Deb said...

Olga, that's funny! I have a couple of scars from having the chicken pox when I was nine, so if anyone tells me I won't melt if I get wet I have a comeback. I just point to my chicken-pox scars and say, "Maybe not, but I went out in the rain once and I pitted something awful!" LOL

Dani, you are so organized I'm reeling with admiration. I'm trying to clear out the debris here and I get overwhelmed just *looking* at it.

Once you're over your hip surgery you can come see the tourist sites (Lake Louise, Banff, the Calgary Stampede, yada, yada) and in between taking in the sights you can help me declutter! Doesn't that strike you as a *great* holiday idea? ;)

Aunt Betsy said...

I am glad it is finally time for your surgery! You are going to be a new woman! Take care, prayers for you and your Dr. Get some rest before you go to the hospital (they do not allow sleeping there --- from my experiences)!!!!