Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One of THOSE people

As we age so many of our priorities and concerns change.  I  remember when my kids were young there were older neighbors on our block who were obsessed about their lawns.  I didn't have time to mow mine let alone be obsessed about it.  But oh how time changes things.

Yesterday Ron and I were fretting over the strange grass that seems to be invading our pristine Bermuda crop.  We inspected it, we pulled it, we tried to find out what it was online.  "OMG we have become THOSE people!  Our priorities have shifted........  It is partly due to the fact that we have spent so much money getting the front yard repaired after the driveway fiasco that we are now obsessed with the grass. 

I have the greatest weed getter outer you have ever seen.  The weed popper.   I mean I absolutely love this thing but with a bad hip I don't think I can pop anything except my hip out of socket.  However, I was tempted to try it on the offending grass.   Ron plans to get out there and dig it up by hand.  He's tried the weed popper but he just doesn't have the "gift".  He's too lead footed I think.

I wanted to plant flowers in the window boxes but then I thought....I'll be down most of the summer and that would make Ron have to keep them watered and he will have enough to do.  

So I guess everything is pretty much on hold until I get this surgery over and done with and rehab my way back to usefulness.


Olga Hebert said...

Always interesting to discover exactly whom we turn into as we age.

paisely brook said...

i am going to invest in a soaker house and cover it with mulch. I am hoping this will keep me motivated during the hot august days.