Friday, February 21, 2014


Boy, everyone in my neck of the woods has been sick with either respiratory problems or stomach and intestinal.  My poor daughter had pink eye twice, respiratory & sinus infections, and the stomach bug.  I guess that's what teachers can expect during cold and flu season.

Ron currently has a cold but I've been spared all of it so far.  The only thing I have going is "pop rocks" in my right ear.  Or at least the sound of pop rocks in my right ear.  It's been going on for over a month.  It isn't all the time and there is no pain associated with it.  I just hear what sounds like pop rocks going off every now and then.  Sometimes it is a succession of popping and sometimes it just pops a little bit.  Anyone ever have something like this and if so what was it?  It's just another thing I guess I'd better get checked out before I have surgery.

Ron and I are going to get on a fitness regimen in order to get me ready for surgery.  I have some exercises to do and we are going to work on our diets.  They say every pound you can loose will help with recovery.  

Our weather has teased us a bit lately.  We went from snow to 70 degrees.  Now we are having a lot of wind but the temp is holding around 54.  I know our winter isn't over but we will get teased into thinking we can start planting flowers........... but I've seen it snow here in April so I wouldn't get in a hurry to plant those gardens.


Olga said...

It is always so tempting to plant too early. A rare nice day and we are fooled into thinking the good weather will last. Why is it that spring seems so very fleeting?

Aunt Betsy said...

My weather has been similar to yours. I was just saying the other day I hope the lilac bushes and red bud trees don't think spring is here too soon this year only to get frozen (which happens more often than not).

Deb said...

Snow snow and thirty below
Makes a Canadian happy
You know...

Or so they say. IT AIN'T TRUE! Back in Oklahoma the folks dug tiny taters and picked the first tiny tender peas to eat on St. Patrick's Day. My only choice from the garden on St. Paddy's Day is a snow cone.

Redbuds, I haven't seen that particular kind of beauty since I was a girl. Brave little pink blossoms in a grey wood. (sigh)