Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Taking Inventory

No, I'm not taking inventory of myself just my kitchen!  Ron and I spent one day last weekend making an inventory of everything and I mean everything in our kitchen.  We made a food inventory of everything in the pantry and cabinets.  I sorted and categorized everything after we wrote it all down.  Then we inventoried the refrigerator and freezer.    Last we inventoried cooking utensils from mixing bowls to pots and pans and then spatulas etc.

The spices took some time since we have so many but we threw out all the expired ones.

Now I have typed up the lists and have them saved on the computer.  I made columns so I could indicate what I have on hand and when something is needed.

I can't tell you how helpful this has been already.  This week it was easy to write a grocery list.  I was able to just look at the inventory and see that if I only got a few things I already had things on hand to make several meals.

What got me started was I kept stopping at the grocery store and guessing whether I had something at home or not.  The straw that broke was when I came home with my 3rd box of saltine crackers.... What shocked me was how many duplicate things I have.....too many mixing bowls.....cooking utensils.....etc.  Stuff I will never use.....so off it went to donate.

I feel so organized!  I even know I have birthday candles from who knows when.........but at least I won't buy anymore. 

Who watched the Beatles tribute Sunday night?  Ron and I thoroughly enjoyed our walk down memory lane.  My question is would we all still be as interested if the remaining Beatles were Ringo and George.  I told Ron I think the phenomenon has remained because Paul is still alive.  You would need Paul or John in order to maintain this level of interest.  What do you think?


kenju said...

I think you are probably right about that. But George had a lot of fans too.

I re-organized my cabinets recently, but they have already begun to look too crowded. I know I have too many casserole pans, but i can't seem to decide which ones to toss or donate.

Deb said...

An inventory sounds like a wonderful idea. I'd inventory the entire house if I had the energy. If I won the lottery the first thing I'd do is hire a personal assistant/housekeeper/shopper. I don't want a bigger house or car, and since no one credible is selling energy or stamina in pill or bottle form I am in one mell of a hess here. I would LOVE to be back in the RV where we had room for practically nothing, but when we moved back to town and bought the condo all the furniture and gee-gaws came out of storage.

Oh, I remember the Beatles invasion. I was already gah-gah over an Englishman. English actor Tony Ainley came to Phoenix in 1963 with a Shakespeare company to do "The Scottish Play" and "King Lear" and as president of the local high-school "Masque and Gavel" I was one of two or three students chosen to host him in a tour around town. We sort of clicked and wrote back and forth for a few months before I moved on to college.

He was a very nice young man who (to jog your memory) went on to an excellent stage career and played a nefarious arch-villian in the "Doctor Who" series. My sons were *thrilled* that their very own Mama once had a bit of a long-distance romance with Tony Ainley. He died in 2004.

So, the Beatles came along on the heels of Tony for me, but didn't the Brits turn us around? I was thinking last night that they were the ones who started the craze for long hair in men. Still with us today.

We've lived through an era, Dani; MLK, the Freedom Riders, civil rights and integration, men on the moon, the Kennedy assassinations, and the election of the first Black President. We've been witnesses to a lot of history.

Olga said...

Impressive organization. George was actually my favorite Beatle.

oklhdan said...

Yes we have Deb! I hope that lottery deal works out!!!!##!

oklhdan said...

Olga I really didn't have a favorite Beatle.....I liked all of them!

Aunt Betsy said...

I thought I was the only one who would ever inventory their kitchen! I am a list maker anyway and love my kitchen inventory. Next I plan to inventory everything I own because my memory is so crazy I can never find anything. You would think it would not be so much trouble since I live in a fairly small space. When I worked I had an inventory list of our supply closet and the shelves labeled so when someone needed something they just had to look it up and know what shelf it would be on.
And yes, Paul and his personality kept us interested, I think, anyway.