Thursday, February 13, 2014

For Absolution call 1-800-FORGIVEN

I am many things....I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, caregiver and occasionally confessor.  I don't sit behind a screen in a dimly lit cubicle or anything but I hear confessions all the same.  When my brother does something he believes will not please me he gets consumed by guilt.  This guilt will almost always lead to a cleansing of the soul......the great confession.

Yesterday Mike's med. nurse let me know he called her several times over the last few days.  He called randomly throughout the day with crazy questions and she was worried that he was about to have an episode.  She did tell me that he made her swear she wouldn't tell me he called because I'd get mad at him.   (Hence my own sense of guilt).  So.....he's been acting a little wacky and I arrived at work this morning with a message on my phone from yesterday afternoon asking me to call him as soon as I got to the office.  I did and his question was "How are the roads?"

Now, we haven't had any rain, sleet, hail, snow or spitting on the streets in over a week.  He has been out every day so he knows this. I asked him what was really worrying him......"nothin".   I assured him the roads are fine....have to you later.   I hung up...two seconds passed and the phone rings again.  "I called Becky".....started the great confession.  I replied, "Your conscience been bothering you?"    "Yeah" was his response.  

I gave him my absolution speech......told him he can always call me with any questions or concerns.   His job is to have fun and enjoy life.   

He's all better!

Confession is good for the soul......don't believe me....just ask Mike!

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Olga said...

It sounds as though a weight was lifted for Mike.