Friday, February 28, 2014

Adult Supervision

What a way to start the day.........First of all I didn't want to get up in the first place but I did.  Then I just had to see if "They loved it or listed it".  Then that hot shower felt so good I just couldn't get out.  When I finally made my way back to the bedroom to get dressed I found that I had locked myself out!  Oh brother.......sometimes I think old people need adult supervision.

Ron was able to get the door off the hinges. (he's getting faster since the same thing happened about 2 weeks ago).  I still managed to get to work early.  Once I get moving I'm pretty quick.

Oh glorious Friday you didn't get here any too soon!!!!!!


Meryl Baer said...

Somedays are like that. I hope you had a incident-free day at work. Relax and enjoy a glass of wine tonight. It's the weekend!

Olga said...

Oh dear. Can't you just push a mail through the hole in the outer doorknob? You have such an interesting life. I am quite sure you are keeping Ron young.

Betty said...

I used a knitting needle through the hole in the doorknob. I got a lot of practice at it when my kids were little.