Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Water Cooler Talk

The talk around the water cooler is all about the Govt. shut down.  Each political side blaming the other.  

My son-in-law has been furloughed due to the shut down but as I've said to him.  "If you voted Republican and you believe in their cause to stop the Affordable Care Act then you need to sit down and be quiet. "    You got what you voted for.

However, it goes even further.  No president can allow a political party to hold the country hostage because they don't like a law that has already been passed.  Affordable care was Obama's campaign and the American people elected I say the American people have already spoken.  Certain Congressmen need to sit down and shut up.

Shutdowns 17 years ago cost an inflation-adjusted $2.1 billion. “The GOP House members who are willing to waste this taxpayer money are the same bunch who less than two weeks ago voted to slash billions from the nation’s food stamp program in the name of saving money.

This is no way to run a government.

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Betty said...

My son-in-law has been furloughed, too. This is the second time for him. He was furloughed because of the sequestration the first time. That time, he was off work every Friday for several weeks. I've had about enough of the Tea Party.

Olga said...

I used to think the Republicans were mostly older white men, but apparently I was so wrong about that. Spoiled toddlers holding their breath until they turn blue to get their own way is more like it.

Deb said...

I'm hoping the entire country has had about enough of the Tea Party. They have done everything possible to destroy the economic recovery. The USA doesn't need terrorists from abroad, they are very effectively sitting in Congress.