Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ron started his new job yesterday and it was weird when we pulled into the driveway yesterday afternoon at the same time.  So nice that he is in town and no more commute to the city.

I can't believe half the month of October is over.  Amazing how fast time flies except in Washington.  They seem to know how to make time stand still or does it just seem that way?  I can't even talk about that mess anymore because I feel my blood pressure rising when I do.  

I've been trying to get some Christmas shopping done and I got a gag gift for my twin daughters for their birthday.  One daughter is accident prone (as I've mentioned before) and so I am telling them I had dolls commissioned from their likeness.

I ordered two brunette dolls and the wheelchair set.  I hope Julie doesn't mind being the brunt of the joke.  Before my mother died she referred to Julie as "the damaged one".  Right now Julie is sporting a leg brace a cast on her arm and a wrapped ankle on the "good" leg.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you two lovebirds are going to have many more hours per week, thanks to the job change.

I love the dolls. They are precious. (Maybe you should have ordered a big roll of bubble wrap too :SNICKER: .)

Don't get me started about the government. I think they ALL should be charged with treason and jailed. Maybe if they're all in jail together, they can work out a compromise. I miss Tip O'Neill ... he could make the devil compromise.

Did you hear the FLOTUS is leaving her vegetable garden out there to rot. If that isn't the height of arrogance ...

BIG HUGS. And healing prayers for your husband and your daughter.


Olga said...

A great gift!
How nice for you both that Ron is now working closer to home. Enjoy the time you get together.

oklhdan said...

Unfortunately we will actually have less time together because his hours will be 11:00 - 8:00 and I work 8 - 4- but he will have more time for himself and that's good! His schedule will be 8-5 for a few weeks though!

Paisely Brook said...

if Julie is the damaged one, I don't even want to know what she referred to me as?????