Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Monday

Thursday my daughter Julie fell in a hole on her school playground and fractured her right elbow, tore a ligament in her left ankle and tore her ACL in her right knee (again).  It was quite an eventful day for her.  She was trying to guard the hole to keep her students from falling in it when she was surprised from behind by a student and stepped backward into the hole.  Another teacher fell in one of the holes at the beginning of the school year and broke her leg in two places requiring surgery.  You'd think they would fix the playground before a child gets hurt.  

Fortunately we have a wheelchair and I was able to get it loaded into my car (barely).  The problem she has is she can't wheel herself because of her arm.  What a pickle.  She sees the doctor again today and they will decide whether the arm needs a cast or just a sling.

Ron and I had a long talk this weekend and I may go ahead and retire sooner than planned.  I am going to see where I am in February and if I am doing OK  I'll continue to July 2014.  

Ron got a call back on the job he interviewed for last week.  It was late in the day Friday so he was to call them back this morning.  I haven't heard from him yet but I think it sounded positive.  It would be great if he could stop the commute to the city.  It will add 2 hours to his day and save a heap in fuel costs.

Ron got the job! will be nice to have him close to home.


themoose53 said...

I'm so sorry about your daughter's injuries. Not fair at all. The damage should have been repaired right away after the other injury.

Parents (and friends of parents) might want to buy some of this (, arrange for a weekend pizza party and fix the darn thing before something worse than injury happens.

You might want to have your daughter contact her health insurance company. They may allow for a scooter or an electric wheelchair since it's so difficult for her to use a manual wheelchair.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter also needs to file for disability from this accident. My sister slipped on a French Fry at school, broke her knee and was wheelchair bound for months; she filed for disability from the school since she will always have trouble with the knee. Your daughter's injuries sound even worse! The school is looking at a lawsuit if they don't get the hole fixed!!

Deb said...

Fingers crossed for Ron and the new job, but I'm so sorry to hear Julie had this painful and very inconvenient accident. I agree with the other commentors, insurance company and disability - even if she doesn't claim right now it needs to go on file so if there's a problem and she doesn't heal well she's reported it at least.

The school needs to fix that hole, but probably are like all schools, so cash-strapped they can barely make payroll. We desperately need to make education a priority!

Betty said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter's injury. Since this is the second time for a teacher to fall in the hole and sustain serious injuries. the school is being negligent. No matter how strapped it is for funds. I guarantee it would be far less expensive to fill in the dangerous holes than to pay out damages after a lawsuit.

AuntBetsy said...

Congratulations on Ron getting the job! Oh man, I am sorry your daughter had that happen to her. I agree with everyone else, your daughter needs to protect herself---you never know how injuries will heal or what long-term issues there will be. The school simply must repair that hole or not allow children and teachers out there until they can!

Olga said...

I am just so happy to hear that Ron got that job. I liked my work (loved my work and tolerated my job, so it evens out to liked) but I do not regret early retirement for one second.

I cannot believe that the hole is left unattended to. That seems like clear negligence. I hope your daughter recovers quickly, but I also hope she does the necessary reporting. That should never have happened, and certainly never have happened twice.

Anonymous said...

The school's insurance policy should cover ALL of her costs. Be sure she files with them--her own insurance agent can help her do that.

Anonymous said...

The school's insurance policy should cover ALL of her costs. Be sure she files with them--her own insurance agent can help her do that.