Monday, September 16, 2013

Miss America

Did anyone watch the Miss America pageant last night?  Ron and I watched it and first we surprised by what a watered down version it has become.  It was very short and they only showed an abbreviated talent portion, evening gowns and swimsuits. Each segment very short.  Compared to the days when I was a little girl it wasn't much of a show.

Today I've read so many critics saying that a girl of Indian descent is not representative of America.  Really, if that's the case than only native Americans are qualified to be Miss America.  The rest of us are of some foreign descent.................................

People are so full of it sometimes.  If anyone represents the American ideal it is someone whose family recently came to this country to create the American dream for themselves.  Something that many of us "other foreigners" have long since taken for granted. 

People never stop amazing me.......their petty judgments and crazy ideas.  Yesterday our church held University Sunday.  The entire service was directed by young college students and their sermon was entitled "The Church is Dying"...they talked about how young adults are discouraged by the hypocrisy the perceive in organized religion.  The exclusion and judgment of certain individuals and primarily the gay community.  Religion teaches love thy neighbor and to follow the teachings of Christ but they do not see that being practiced.  They say they believe in God they just don't believe in the way the church is representing him.

It was very interesting.  More and more we have noticed that the congregation is made up of people our age (60's) or older.....there is an obvious absence of the young 20 and 30 year olds.


Deb said...

Yes, like this article in "Sojourners, Faith in Action, "Criminalizing Christ: The Nationwide Targeting of Homeless" ;

I wonder what (in God's name) America has become?

Olga said...

I did not watch the Miss America Pageant, actually can't remember that I ever did watch any of them. I remember my parents being glued to it years ago though. I always figured it had nothing to do with life as I knew it.