Friday, September 13, 2013

I caved!

Well, I caved.  I had a Diet Coke last night.  I came home feeling as awful as I did the day before and I just caved.  I know it is the caffeine my brain is craving so I'm going to have to approach this another way.  Maybe I need to first switch to caffeine free diet coke and wean myself from there.  Or first switch to the smaller cans and wean down from there to caffeine free.  Right now I've had one diet coke in the past two days.  I felt absolutely horrible and it was amazing how much better I felt after just a couple of swallows............  I'm such an addict!

Our state fair started yesterday and with it came rain.  We were actually needing a little rain so it was a welcomed sight.  Okla. calls it the fair curse because it always rains the week of the state fair.  As I have written in the past the state fair is where Ron's and my romance blossomed.  Right on top of a fair ride that made me turn green.  Ohhhh how love creeps up and bites us when we aren't looking.   I don't know if we will go to the fair this year since it is a lot harder for me to walk any distance but we might give it a shot.

I guess I will plan my new strategy to eliminate artificial sweetener from my diet.  This is going to be so much harder than I thought.  As a diabetic it is hard to eliminate it completely but I figured diet drinks were not a dietary necessity so why not start there.  Easier said than done apparently!


Deb said...

Why not taper gradually and give your body time to adjust? For a week drink one less coke a day, then the next week drink one less coke than you drank the previous week?

Going cold turkey off any stimulant (like caffeine) really messes with your brain function.

Taper and give your brain time to adjust to the lower level gradually and you'll be more comfortable. :)

Gentle hugs from Canada

kenju said...

When I decide to give up caffeine again, I will switch to caffeine free Dr. Pepper and Diet coke until my body gets used to not having any stimulants. The last time I went caffeine-free, it took me two weeks to get used to it, and I had headaches for days. You could also have both the regular and the caffeine-free on hand, and pour half of both - so you would still have some caffeine, but taper down gradually. Good luck. Of course, the sugar is going to be hard to give up as well.