Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A new plan!

Julie saw the doctor again yesterday and after an x-ray of her arm it was inconclusive so they are doing an MRI of her arm sometime this week.  She was referred to physical therapy and released to go back to work with orders not to bend or stoop and that she should be seated 50% of the day.  She laughed and said, "You do know I teach kindergarten don't you?"  But she is back at work today.......

Right now everything is being paid by worker's comp.

Ron is having his first CT Scan since his surgery today.  We will get the results on Thursday.  Patrick from Caregivingly Yours describes this as scanxiety and it fits.  It's the dreaded anxiety before the results are known.  I told Ron last night that since his surgery I have been able to forget about cancer.  In my mind he is cancer free.  But now that we are facing another scan the reality comes back and you wonder.  His surgeon warned us that when the major tumor was removed that other cancer cells may start growing.  Ron said he was thinking about that bit information himself.  Rare that he admits to thinking about it at all.  But we will cross our fingers and hope for the best.  This is a one day at a time disease..........but isn't life in general?

When Olga's (Confessions of a Grandma) beloved Mike passed away I was so shocked.  Here I had been preparing myself for 3 years for Ron's possible death and Olga looses her husband so unexpectedly.  She wrote, "This was not part of the plan".  That really shook me up.  It made me realize I had to stop trying to prepare myself for something that will eventually happen to us all.  I have to live every moment of every day that I am given with Ron and not while white knuckling it.  I owe it to him and to myself!

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Olga said...

I did not expect or plan for Mike's passing so soon and I don't think I could have planned for the places grief takes me, but I heartily endorse making each moment count day by day.