Wednesday, June 26, 2013

vacation time

Well, I have the chance to take vacation time July 30 - August 11 which is enough time for Ron and I to drive to Raleigh, NC to visit Ron's daughter.  The problem is we can't figure out what to do about Mike.  I learned from Ron's surgery that my older brother isn't reliable enough to leave Mike in his charge.  I'm not sure if either of my daughters would feel comfortable enough to take care of him for that long so I'm still trying to think about options.  

Home health agencies are just too expensive.  It was over $2,000 for one week when we used one for my mom 4 years ago.  

One idea we had was that Ron could drive to Raleigh (we have some things to take to his daughter that won't go on a plane) and then I'd fly there to meet him and ride back with him.  That way Ron could spend a week and I'd just be gone 3-4 days.  Mike might be OK for that long.  My only hang up is I need a direct flight and we aren't sure we can get one.  But we'll see.

The thing about care giving is the caregiver never gets a day off.


Darcy Winters said...

You might talk to an assisted living place and see if they take patients for short term. There is one near us that actually does "daycare" for when caregivers need a break.

Olga said...

Are there no respite programs through mental health agencies? I do hope that something will be available so you can have vacation time with Ron.