Monday, June 24, 2013

Re-charging my batteries

I enjoyed a day all to myself yesterday.  Ron was with Mike all day and I went 8 hours without a phone call or anything.  I was able to finish all the projects I started on Saturday, take a long hot bath and just relax.  IT WAS WONDERFUL!  Then Ron and I went to dinner with one of my daughters and we had a good time. Ron and Mike watched baseball games and napped!  It was a win/win for everyone.

Sometimes we don't recognize our need to recharge our batteries until we are crying, blithering idiots and our loved ones look at us like we just grew two heads.  That's what happened to me Saturday.  I dissolved into tears and couldn't speak coherently.  Ron then took it upon himself to declare Sunday a peace & quiet day just for me.  I protested at first because I immediately felt guilty but then I agreed.  Mike and Ron went to church without me and I just slept in and had a peaceful slow day.  By 6 pm I felt like a new person!

This week is going to be a busy week at work.  Tomorrow night I have a dinner meeting followed by a board meeting.  I'll get home about 10:00 if all goes well.  So tonight I'm going to bed early.  

Ron sees the surgeon tomorrow and then he has an appointment with the oncologist on Thursday.  That's the appointment we dread the most.  She's going to talk about treatment options, schedule another CAT scan and then I know the waiting for results will just about put us away.  If anything were to show up I think it would do Ron in.   

Overall he is recovering from surgery very well but he easily fatigues.  This frustrates him.  He is still quite sore but moving around fairly easily.

Yesterday as I drove us to dinner I looked over at him and couldn't imagine not seeing him there.  It's a thought I can't let myself think about too often.


Deb said...

I'm so glad to read you had a rest day. You've been "The Little Engine That Could" for everyone else for so long. It was time for you to be little engine for yourself. Makes everything better. :)

Hugs from soggy soggy Calgary

Olga said...

You really needed that day of rest and I am glad you were able to have it. No guilty feelings needed.