Friday, June 21, 2013

Not as expected

Well, after touring the senior apartments (it was not an assisted living center as described).  Ron and I are not sure it will work for Mike.  He would basically be on his own but in a smaller space.  We met many residents there and all of them were much more cognitive and alert than Mike.  The 94 year old domino player was definitely more with it than Mike.  We were told that if residents start wandering or getting lost they are not allowed to continue living there.  One woman was allowed to stay because someone moved in with her to take care of her.  We are afraid that it would just be a pit stop on the way to the nursing home.  But we haven't ruled it out.  The plus side was it is easier to get to from our home.  We are going to wait to see what Mike's doctor has to say and if he doesn't recommend a nursing home at this time we may reconsider the apartment.

This morning I was rushing around to get something in the crock pot and get to work when the doorbell rang.  There on my porch looking very proud of himself was Mike at 6:45 am.  I thought we had all the keys to his car but obviously we didn't.  I just had to hold my breath and let Ron deal with him.   

I talked to Becky, the nurse who does Mike's meds this morning and she believes Mike would do better in a nursing home.  I am struggling because it is so hard to admit I can't provide what he needs.  But I know that if Ron's condition declines there is NO WAY I can care for both of them.  It is just so hard to admit it. 

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Deb said...

So, not exactly truth in advertising? Too bad for you and Mike.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you "juggle" your flaming torches.

Hugs from Calgry