Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The fabric of our lives.................

Mike's good friend and neighbor Lloyd died this morning.  Mike had such a tough day yesterday grieving for his friend but he seemed OK this morning.  He was going to his Silver Sneakers class today (that Lloyd introduced him to) and tell the other members of Lloyd's passing.  I told him to have fun in Lloyd's honor with joy in his heart!  

Ron woke up with his jaw swollen around his tooth.  Thank goodness he's been on the antibiotic for a week.  He's on his way to the dentist to have it extracted.  He still won't admit I was right.....stubborn man!

We were both so tired last night we didn't go out for our anniversary.  Instead we built a fire in the chiminea and ate dinner outside.  It was very relaxing and we enjoyed just staying home.  He gave me a box of Q-tips in response to my cotton balls.....he made me a card that said I was the fabric of his life...Now I have to see what year three will be.  We've done paper and cotton so far.

My niece is doing well and staying very positive.  I'm proud of her hard work.  As Dr. Phil says......this has been a changing day in her life.  

So.....hopefully today will be a peaceful reprieve from recent events.  Mike is willing to let me handle all of his finances from now on and Ron will be helping me.  He understands that we just want him to be safe and happy!


Deb said...

Sounds like you had a nice anniversary evening. Good celebrations don't always require tuxedos and roses.

Sorry to hear that Mike has lost his friend. There's a schizophrenic "Mike" who hangs around our local WalMart. Hair-trigger temper, rages and yells, but can be calmed if you just sit and talk to him in a gentle, supportive way. The staff just usually call the police on him, which irritates me to no end. If one of the staff would talk to him, sit with him, buy him a coffee at the MacDonald's he'd be fine in five minutes. It's easier to call the police.

So I think of your Mike and "our" Mike and understand a bit of the burden of care on your shoulders. It's not like caring for an infant, because you can put the baby in a playpen or fenced yard and keep an eye on them. Can't do that with a full-grown man, which adds to the anxiety.

I hope Ron's extraction goes well and the antibiotics knock down the infection so he can go ahead with his surgery.

Take care of yourself in all this!
Deb - an old Okie in Canada

oklhdan said...

People fear things different from themselves! It's nice that you just see mike as a person !

Olga said...

Belated Happy Anniversary wishes. It sounds like it was perfect. I admire the way the two of you go all out on the gifts.

Paisely Brook said...

don't ever let me my husband know about your anniversary telling what I would get...the year we celebrated leather I did get a new coach bag. qtips is priceless.