Thursday, May 9, 2013

nothing like a spare

Ron got his tooth out and man is his jaw swollen.....took the wrinkles right out.  An interesting thing about this tooth...he has another one under it that couldn't come through.  The dentist is interested to see if it will now that the other tooth has been pulled.  I'm just glad he got it out and is on an antibiotic.  We have a good 3 weeks to get the infection cleared up.

The shirts I got him for our anniversary did a great job of covering his Budha belly but they were too big across the shoulders.  He hasn't decided whether to keep them or not.
I also got him (us) a new patio umbrella.  I thought it would be a nice shady spot to recuperate after his surgery.  I didn't want everyone to think I only gave him cotton balls......that would just be mean.

If I can get the house back in order I think we will be ready  for his surgery.  I just have to square things away at work and then I can devote my time to Ron.  I have plenty of meals in the freezer so we should be good to go.  

Thinking about retirement is new for me.  I've been working since I was sixteen so it's pretty much what I know.  Does everyone feel a little anxious when they are preparing to retire?  All I hear is the gloom and doom projected for social security and medicare just at the time I'm thinking about drawing both.  I worry about my state retirement and how solvent it will remain.  I am constantly doing the math and wondering if it is feasible to retire.  I took a pretty good hit to my retirement account during the recession but it has recovered somewhat.  I'm just scared it will happen again.  I guess it is just the vulnerability I am feeling.  Sixty-six seems to be the age when others have left the hospital. That seems to be the magic number around here and I've seen pressure put on some individuals to retire.  I'll be 64 in July so that magic age of 66 isn't that far away.

Is this fear normal? 


MerCyn said...

It is scary giving up so much control over your finances - no more paycheck and reliance on savings, social security, etc. No one knows what will happen years and decades down the road.
On the other hand the rewards are great - flexibility in your daily schedule, trying new things and getting involved in activities no time for in the past, more time for family and friends.

Olga said...

From my experience it is normal to worry about retirement...but then it is so worth it as well. We found ourselves with less money than we had planned on (stocks did not deliver!)--but enough all the same. And it doesn't take long to start wondering how you did everything and went to work besides.