Monday, May 6, 2013

One of those Days!

Mike's impulsiveness has made today just "one of those days".  My patience is wearing thin from all the phone calls but mostly because he does the opposite of what I tell him to do.   

There was an issue with one of his prescriptions that I told him his nurse would handle.  I specifically told him to leave it alone and let us take care of the problem.  But he calls the pharmacy 10 times instead and they are getting tired of dealing with him.  It makes it hard for me to get his meds and to keep them straight.  

He calls the nurse who fills his med planner just to tell her he's not worried about his meds.  Thank goodness she is a personal friend or she would refuse to deal with him.

He knows I'm frustrated because I'm sure he hears it in the tone of my voice.  Sometimes I feel I have to get firmer with him in order to get him to stop calling me every 10 minutes.  I know he can't help his behavior but I really need him to try!

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