Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I need Room Crashers....Yard Crashers...Bath Crashers...I need a demolition derby!

Last night I was invited to a women's circle meeting.  A bible study group from my church.  I'm really not a very social person, don't know why but I guess it stems from being shy as a kid.  I always feel awkward in group settings.  But I keep telling myself I am a 63 year old woman and it is time to step out of my comfort zone from time to time.

The meeting was held at a lovely woman's condominium.  A huge two story home with white marble floors.  It was straight out of an HGTV design show.  When I learned that the meetings rotate from one woman's home to another I was immediately intimidated.  Now, don't get my wrong, I love my tiny house but is tiny!  Why I barely have enough room for Ron and maybe a gold fish.  And I can assure you it was not decorated by Vern Yip or the design stars.  It's more early American hand-me-down.  

Now, why do I know that "stuff" is of no consequence yet I'm self-conscious by the lack of it.   I felt like a country bumpkin in the city for the first time.  I was just in awe looking at her original paintings and silver service.  She had the table laid out with fine china and sterling silver.  My red walmart plastic cups and paper plates wouldn't cut it.

I did enjoy the fellowship and bible study.  We discussed hate and how it kills.  It was from the book of John.  That when you hate your brother you are a murderer and do not have eternal life within you.  

When I think about hate I think about how it kills the hater's spirit.  It kills something within you and probably doesn't affect the person you are directing your hatred towards in the least.  Forgiveness is key and in order to heal your heart you have to forgive.  That is not the same thing as condone.  I'm afraid people are unwilling to give up their hate because they do not want anyone to think that whatever transgression was done to them was OK.  But the longer you hang on to hatred the more it steals from you.


Olga said...

Good for you to get out and try something new--although I fully understand that niggling envy on seeing someone else's place.

I so agree about hatred. It eats the hater away more than any other effect.

kenju said...

Been there, done that. The book club I belong to rotates into each member's home too. The one we were in last night is a textbook case for mid-18th to early 19th century antiques and silver and plates and Persian rugs, etc. I was not intimidated, but I did notice a great gulf between her house and mine.....LOL