Friday, May 24, 2013

A glimmer of hope!

I live in a state among some amazing neighbors!  Seeing the lines and lines of people, miles long, waiting to just sign-up to volunteer.  It's absolutely amazing.  And the outpouring of support from people all over the US and the world has been amazing.  The damage here was so widespread it is hard to get help to all the areas affected by the storms.  A tornado hit on Sunday and wiped out two smaller towns east of us and of course the huge one on Monday hit a larger metropolitan area.  So many displaced families.  The need is great!

We had several staff members who lost their homes and others had family members who lost their homes.  One young man here was helping his cousin go through the rubble of his home looking for the engagement ring he had purchased for his girlfriend.  The house was completely flattened (and had just been purchased).  By some miracle Darrel looked down into the rubble and something caught his eye.....the ring box.  His cousin was elated.  It was a sign that everything would be goes on.

Our young teacher friend, Justin Ayres, who was in the Plaza Tower school met with the other survivors from the school yesterday.  It was an emotional reunion but a healing one.  One little boy who had been seriously injured in the storm was there and wanted to give Mr. Ayres a gift for "saving his life". Justin was very moved by the child's gesture and so relieved that he was well enough to attend.  Justin said he had a deep puncture wound in his back the size of a brick!

I think I know how Oklahomans will be spending Memorial weekend!


kenju said...

I don't think I'd visit that web=site above if I were you. It is most likely spam and no telling what it might do to your computer.

I wish the very best to all your friends and neighbors. I cannot imagine what they have been going through.

Olga said...

You do seem to be getting a lot of spam lately. It is a pain. I finally stopped allowing anonymous comments.

It is inspiring to see people come together to help others. Life does go on and we an only marvel at the resilience of spirit.