Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Caregiver Needs an Overhaul

My second round of therapy showed some improvement in movement.  The pain is still significant but I'm getting improved range of motion as we get the muscles stretched out and loosened up in my leg.  

Therapy is really up close and personal with someone pulling on your leg or massaging some other body part.  I've never really liked anyone being so invasive into my personal space but I'm just gonna suck it up because I want to get better. 

Twin #2 is in Scotland today and will leave for England tomorrow.  They are having a fantastic time on their trip and celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary today.

It's nice to have a little time to think about and do something for myself.  It's so easy to get lost when in the throws of caregiving.  I'm more grateful for this reprieve than anyone can imagine.  I need this time to get healthier in preparation for the next round of caregiving is needed. 

Ron gets another CT scan the end of August and then results in Sept.  This will be the one that determines whether he will have lung surgery or not.  I need to get myself prepared.

We received great news yesterday from our contractor.  We've been waiting several weeks for the installation of our new carport.  Well, the contractor sent us a new invoice and deducted $1,000 because he had not met the installation date he had quoted. We didn't have a date set in stone either but it has been about two weeks longer than we expected.  I was just shocked that he was so gracious.  Obviously he really cares about his reputation. You don't see that much anymore.  It was like hitting the jackpot!


Olga said...

There are some professionals out there who continue to have an admirable work ethic--so glad you found one!
Now, seriously, PT as "Me Time"??
Have you heard about pedicures? massages? spa treatments?
Okay, whatever makes you feel relaxed and renewed is what you deserve.
My positive thoughts (prayers) are with you so often.

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad you are seeing results with the therapy. I would love being poked and mauled by a stranger but that is a personal thing.
Is you daugher going to the Olympics?