Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The power of the flute!

My brother is doing so well right now.  We have had three evenings in a row and he hasn't felt the need to call me and tell me he's going to kill himself.  THAT'S HUGE!  We tried several new strategies to help him cope with his anxiety and they seem to be working.  The one that really seems to have made a difference is the cd I got called Canyon Trilogy.   It is Native American flute and it is so tranquil and relaxing.  I told Mike to play it when he feels anxious and to concentrate on each note of the flute.  He does all this while draped over a huge exercise ball that lets him relax his shoulders and just roll from side to side with the music.  He loves it!  I'm so proud of him and his effort to get better.  If you go to Amazon.com you can hear the cd, it really is beautiful.

Another big accomplishment for Mike is he is learning to cook a few things.  I taught him how to make tuna salad (which he loves) and he can now fix his own breakfast.  We are working on pork chops next.  He really feels empowered that he can fix something he likes by himself.  He doesn't have to wait on someone else.   

I just want him to regain as much of his independence as possible.  He's such a sweet man and I want him to feel good about himself.  Mental illness is just a horrible disease and we are so lucky to be able to help Mike live as normal a life as possible.

I got a glimpse of a touch of green in the yard this morning.  I just have to laugh.  I'm sure it will all come back in time but it really looks pitiful right now. 


Anonymous said...

Mike is so fortunate to have a creative and caring sister.

Lots of love to both of you.

Aloha from Hawaii,

Arkansas Patti said...

What a creative way to get him to relax and feel less anxiety. Good thinking sister.
We have had 3 so-so rains and it is all ready getting where I will have to mow. Have faith. Nature is resilient.

Betty said...

I don't know if I could be as patient and caring as you are. You deserve a lot of good things in life.