Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life's the biggest test we ever take.

Mike is handling the doctor fiasco pretty well.  He didn't call me last night so I finally called him and all was well.  No mention of the Thorazine so that's two days in a row.  Making progress.  He was excited to be going to my daughter's house for a cookout on the 4th.  

I guess we have no choice but to wait and see if the Indian Nation Clinic gets a new psychiatrist.  I talked to Mike's primary care physician and he assured me that he will continue to get Mike's meds. filled.  Thank goodness we have this as an option.  So far it has been better than any private clinic we have gone to on our own.

To add to our frustration Ron was informed that his company may be shutting down the end of August if they are unable to get a new contract to replace the one they had with Chase.  What that means to us is a drastic cut in income and the loss of Ron's health insurance.  Thank goodness he is still covered under my plan but it will be a lot of out-of-pocket expenses we haven't had to pay.  So, we are just praying that something works out and he can continue to work. 

Faith is tested every day.  

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Arkansas Patti said...

Good grief. It is just one blow after another. I do hope his company doesn't have to shut down. I will also pray that doesn't happen.
Have a great 4th, enjoy you family and for a bit, put all of life, except love of family, to the side.