Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hot here...........................

Well, some good news in my effort to help my niece.  She now has a place to live for six months rent free.  She has a job prospect at the University and she can work 9 months and still receive her disability benefits no matter how much she is earning.  They will extend it 36 months more if her salary falls below the limit.  Then she has 5 years to work and if for some reason during the 5 year period she finds herself unable to work because of her disability her benefits will be reinstated immediately.  Soooo that was good news.  I didn't want her to give up her disability because I wasn't sure whether she would be able to work or not.  This gives her time to find out.

So....that said, the rest is up to her.  I made a deal with her that in exchange for help she will attend AA meetings and continue seeing a psychiatrist here.    I know her goal is independence and I hope she achieves just that.

Mike is still doing great.  He's getting better every day.  His anxiety appears to be under control and no more suicide talk.

I saw my doctor last week and will start physical therapy next week.  I really hope they can help me with my hip pain.  I've been using crutches and that's not going very well.  I'm so uncoordinated with them I just get frustrated and leave them leaning against the wall.  The doctor put me on a steroid pack in an effort to reduce some of the inflammation.  This is day 2 but I haven't noticed any change.  Patience............ I'll see what therapy can do for me.

It is too hot here for man nor beast so we have just stayed inside all weekend.  We did meet Mike and my daughter and her husband for breakfast this morning and then high tailed it back home under the airconditioning.  106 is just too hot!


kenju said...

I know what you mean; we had 105 several days in a row last week.

Good luck to your niece. I hope she will keep yup her end of the bargain.

Arkansas Patti said...

You have given your niece a great chance. It is up to her now. I do hope she makes it.
I do hope you get relief soon. Pain sucks.