Monday, July 2, 2012

Continuity of care

I took Mike to see Dr. T last Friday to try and get some advice on how to deal with his increased anxiety.  Dr. T. told Mike he doesn't need the Thorazine and that his dependency is just a habit.  He told Mike to be patient and he will adjust.  Then he dropped a bomb on us.......Dr. T. is leaving.  They do not have a psychiatrist to replace him either.

Mike just cried and was so pitiful.  He looked scared to death.  Dr. T. did say that they will continue to fill Mike's prescriptions for awhile until I can find another psychiatrist on my own or they hire a new one at the clinic.  

We had Dr. T for 6 months and now we are back to square one.  So frustrating and so hard on Mike.

Going through the directory I found a psychiatrist here in Norman (female) that is taking new patients and also takes Medicare/Medicaid.  I may give her a call.  She's only 51 so maybe she won't retire or die any time soon. 

Update:  Just called five local psychiatrists and none of them will see patients with Medicare/Medicaid.  They told me they don't know of any that would see Mike.


Patrick said...

You hit the mark here. Chronic illness whether mental or physical simply outlives anyone's practice and as we both know the written record is basically useless and when the patient cannot direct their own care this is a dead end.

Medical care in the US much like Hallmark cards is unfortunatel based on 'get well soon'.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Olga said...

That is really rough--for both Mike and you.
Although not he same, when I was pregnant with my daughter, my OB-GYN moved out of state when I had three months to go. I remember the feeling of abandonment.

Betty said...

Well, for Pete's sake!!! You'd think these doctors were going to have to take Medicaid/Medicare patients for free! It's just pure greed on their part. I get so angry at the medical profession, I could just spit. I hope you can find someone soon. Mike doesn't need to be without that kind of care. Good luck.

Arkansas Patti said...

I am so sorry Mike is losing his Dr. What a scary position. The doctor situation is really getting bad. Mine retired and now I can't find a primary care physician as none of them are taking new patients regardless of insurance. I am trying to get on someone's waiting list. I would hate to go to the ER for minor things.
Hope you find someone GOOD for Mike soon.