Friday, July 27, 2012

Another day older and.......still perkin

Today is my birthday!  I am 63 years old today.  As I drove to work this morning I started wondering when do women stop revealing their age?  I have no problem telling someone how old I am, it's the only explanation I have for looking this way.  Age is only a number but it can be useful.
Thanks to my co-workers!
 My poor husband is the one sensitive about age.  He gets annoyed with me.  Now that I'm 63 I will tell people I'm almost 64.  It doesn't matter that it is 364 days from now.  It helps me get used to the next number in advance. 

We have no plans for today.  I have physical therapy this afternoon and then a fast trip to the clinic to pick up medicine.  Ahhh this isn't how I spent birthdays in my youth!  

I remember as a kid I wished my birthday fell during the school year.  I always wanted to bring cupcakes to school on my birthday.  In the summer kids were always on vacation or otherwise engaged.  I had one birthday party as a kid and that was when I was seven.  I think it was a swim party.  I do remember the cake.  I always wanted a bakery cake with my name on it. So my mom got a cake and it said Happy Birthday Dannie......which was not how I spelled my name at the time.  At that time I spelled it Danny but my mom didn't like that because it was a boy's name.   Oh....the things we remember.

My sweet husband loves birthdays and always makes a fuss on someone's birthday.  He believes all birthdays should be celebrated on the exact day and not scheduled just for convenience.   So I'm sure he will surprise me with something today. 


Darcy Winters said...

Happy birthday!

kenju said...

Happy Birthday!! You're just a babe, compared to me. I will be 72 in Oct. and I don't mind telling anyone - plus after that, I will say 73 coming next! It sure beats the alternative, doesn't it?

oklhdan said...

Thanks Darcy and Judy! It will be a fun day!

Betty said...

Happy Birthday! And, many more.

MerCyn said...

Happy birthday! I know how you feel about the cupcakes in school. My birthday is late June, and I always missed the birthday fuss too.

Arkansas Patti said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We share the same month and a few days apart--but a bunch of years difference. I agree with Judy, you are still a puppy.
I always adopted my coming age on January 1st. That gave me almost 7 months to get used to it.
I have never felt unhappy or unproud about any age. They all have advantages.

Muffy's Marks said...

A great big Happy Birthday Wish goes out to you. I can't wait to hear what hubby had in store for you!! I'm a summer birthday, I know the feeling about parties and bringing treats to school!!