Friday, January 20, 2012

Unexpected Surprise

I have been married 8 months now but I still haven't gotten my name changed on all my accounts.  Yesterday I called Uverse to see how I needed to go about changing the name.  The young man who assisted me was so pleasant.  He took care of the name change and then said he wanted to review the account.  I thought, here it comes, a sales speech to get me to increase my service.  But no, he just said, "I can take $5.00 off your monthly fee for you."  He didn't even explain why he just did it.  No sales speech, nothing!  I have to say I was impressed. 

I figured I was on a roll so I called the gas company but they gave no discounts.  I hope I didn't turn off my gas service in an effort to change the last name.  I guess we will know if our feet get cold tonight.


Arkansas Patti said...

I can not believe it has been 8 months. Wow.
Glad you are officially becoming Mrs. Ron.

paisely said...

I am such a dork that when someone says "Mrs. Staggs" i look around for my mother in law.....and it has been 4 years.