Monday, January 23, 2012

Movie Date

Ron and I saw the movie, Extremely Close, Incredibly LoudSaturday and it was amazing.  The 14 year old actor, Tomas Horn, was just fantastic and it was his first acting job.  He was discovered after he was on a teen version of Jeopardy.  I read something where he said that he thought the experience was great but he would be glad when his life just went back to normal.  I'll be surprised if it goes back to normal anytime soon.  He was in every scene in the movie and playing the part of a boy with Asperger's Syndrome.  He portrayed it perfectly.  I don't know how he captured it so well.  Tom Hank's role was minor.  He was the focus of the story (being the father killed in 911) but his role was brief.  Sandra Bullock was the emotionally absent grieving widow.  Her role was brief also although it had a surprising twist at the end.  We really enjoyed this film and highly recommend it but be prepared that it is emotionally draining. 

The line that got me the most in the film was when this young boy said, "I tried so hard to be normal".  I lost it because it made me think about my brother and how hard he has tried to be "normal" all his life.  It made me think......if my brother were "normal" he wouldn't be Mike.  He wouldn't have all the unique, quirky things that make him who he is.  I would only wish he could be Mike without the fears and obsessions associated with schizophrenia.   My biggest wish is that he could have peace.

Mike's weekend started leveling out on Saturday and he had a great day with our other brother and Ron.  They all got together to watch basketball.  There were no problems until last night when he called to say he had a pill missing from his med planner.  Ron and I drove over but the pills were fine.  He's just anxious about them.  I hope he does well this week.  I need to call him....he missed his 8:15 call-in.

Thank goodness.........all is well.  He had just walked to Subway to get his daily sandwich.  They know him well at Subway!


Muffy's Marks said...

I wish peace for Mike, too. You handle his illness so well. Bless you, today and every day!

Judy (kenju) said...

I want to see that movie, and I'm sorry to know that Hank's role is minimal.

Glad you are having no emergencies with Mike.