Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Michael Update

I took Mike to his psychiatric appointment Monday and it went well.  Mike had the best two weeks he's had in over a year.  His optimism was high and he didn't have any problem with reducing his Thorazine.  He had only one episode when he got a little anxious over his med. planner and I had to go back to his house and make sure it was OK. 

Dr. T. lowered his dosage of Thorazine again from 3 x daily to 2 x daily and he lowered the Trihexyphenidyl from twice daily to once daily.  Mike seemed OK with all the changes.  We had an enjoyable trip and went to lunch.  

On Tuesday morning I got a call from Mike and he told me hadn't slept.  He said he called our brother at 1am and told him he was having suicidal thoughts.  I guess it just hit Butch's last nerve and he must have yelled at Mike.  So Mike was upset with Butch.  All I could think about was I can't lose Butch's help with taking Mike to appointments.  I just can't do all of it by myself.  If Mike gets too paranoid about Butch he won't go with him.  So I did my best to defuse the situation.  I had Mike call his psychiatrist himself to tell him what was going on and he did.  Dr. T. then called me and just said that Mike should take his Thorazine at bedtime and that it will take awhile for him to adjust to the changes.  Mike seemed reassured and did just fine last night.

His psych. nurse has started coming again and she will take over the med planner duty.  I'm still hopeful that things are going to get better and that his thinking will improve.  He will probably continue to have difficulty with impulse control.  He's always had a problem with it.  I just hope that he remains sweet and doesn't go back to being mean and demanding like he was before all this happened.  The meds have made him much sweeter.  If that happens we will have to have a come to Jesus meeting because I won't let him abuse me the way he did for so many years.  I may have more leverage now because he knows that I'm all his has.  Mom and Dad are gone so he knows I'm it!  Gives me a little bit of leverage I hope.


Arkansas Patti said...

I really like that new doctor. He seems right on top of things. Hopefully when Mike's meds get the final tweek, he will be much better.
Keep that "come to Jesus meeting" in your back pocket just in case.

Anna said...

Trying to get the right balance of meds is like trying to stand a dime on its edge. Then, they are good for awhile until they are not.
It is good that he is willing to take his meds and seems to have some insight about his condition.
I have seen the mean and demanding bit with my daughter who has bipolar disorder and it is not pretty.

What is a come to Jesus meeting?

Patrick said...

I am in awe of all the you juggle!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Judy (kenju) said...

I don't know how you do it, and I admire you greatly.

paisely said...

Really??? Someone must explain to me how he has the patience to deal with the crazy people in his house, but doesnt have it to give to his only brother. As usual, i am outdone. But, you will never be able to tell him that he is wrong.

I admire you and youre right, michael is a sweet man who really does care.

oklhdan said...

TJ - some of his reaction was because we've been told not to feed Mike's suicide threats. That we are kind of enabling it because he yells suicide and we jump. In the past Butch would run over to the house and spend the night. We don't know if he is crying wolf to get us to jump. But...yes I know what you mean about the dynamics in his own house....I don't get it either.

LC said...

I'm echoing Judy. Don't know how you keep all the balls in the air. what is your strategy for taking care of yourself? Your posts about Mike are educating me about a reality I had not encountered. My knowing how to spell the word has no relation to what the person with the condition experiences and what the people who care about him experience. Thanks for sharing.