Saturday, January 7, 2012

I married a keeper!

I'm a litttle down in my back today so my dear, sweet husband was up early this morning doing the laundry.  He cleaned the kitchen and got the grocery list and did the shopping.  He even called in my prescription  and picked it up as well. Now he is with Mike watching a basketball game giving me time to just take a long hot bath.  He's is honestly the kindest person and so very thoughtful. 

I took my medication and threw in some extra arthritis pain reliever and I'm ready for that hot soaking tub.  If I'm better this evening we may catch a movie.  I've been wanting to see the movie about the guy who purchased a zoo.  It looked pretty wholesome and tame.

We are going to have a pretty quiet weekend.


Judy (kenju) said...

You are indeed married to keeper. Mr kenju wouldn't have done much of that even back when he was able-bodied.

Muffy's Marks said...

He is a keeper, and so patient with your brother. Lucky you!!

Arkansas Patti said...

That man needs to be knighted. Sir Ron the Keeper would be a nice title.
That zoo one does look fun.
Feel better soon and enjoy the pampering.