Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hope is on the horizon

Yesterday was a long day.  I had my regular doctor's appointment and after an EKG and the regular blood work all is well with me.  Then on to Mike's appointment with his new psychiatrist, Dr. T.

Mike met with Ray again before his appointment with the doctor and they had a good conversation.  Mike really responds well to Ray.  They talked about guilt and Mike's overwhelming feelings of guilt and remorse for things that have been so exaggerated in his mind.  All in all it was a good session. I'm so thankful we found Ray.

Then we met with Dr. T.  The first thing he asked was "Why is he on all these meds.?"  

Uhhhhh "Because the psychiatrist prescribed them."  I replied.

"I'm surprised you can even talk Mike with all this stuff in your system."

I said he barely can..........

So, the rest of the visit we talked about Mike's medication and how he needs to be weaned off a lot of it.  Dr. T. said he will function again and feel so much better.  

Mike was a little apprehensive of course because he is so afraid of having another psychotic episode but we were assured his medication will only be reduced to the lowest level that will still maintain his mental health.  The doctor also indicated that some of the physical side-effects Mike is experiencing will go away as well.  The problem with his eyes and even the choking sensation are being caused by a medication that is drying out his eyes and his mouth. 

The first medication to be reduced is the Thorazine which is an old psychotropic drug.  It can cause a lot of side effects.  He started with reducing it by one dose per day.  Then we will go back in two weeks and he will probably reduce it again until he gets off it completely.  Dr. T. said it may take 6 months to get him off everything he wants to eliminate.

Mike said, "There's hope for me."  

Dr. T. answered, "You bet there is hope for you, you will be a new man."

It's amazing what a little hope can do.  We are all cautiously optimistic that Mike will regain his independence!  I am praying so hard.


MerCyn said...

We're pulling for you and Mike. Good luck with the new regimen and hopefully only good things will result.

Betty said...

At least for now, it seems you are on the right track with the new Psychiatrist. Here's hoping!

Olga said...

Oh, that is such hopeful news. My mother was on thorazine for years and years. It seems like medical science should have progressed beyond that by now. I trust that angels are watching over you and yours.

Arkansas Patti said...

Wow, he sounds like a wonderful doctor. I am praying that what he feels will happen for Mike, begins to show up soon.
Sadly, as a natiion, we are over medicated.
Congrats on your good check up. 2012 certainly holds promise for you all.