Friday, January 6, 2012

Clinging Vine

Have you ever had issues with static cling or static in general?  I remember when I had carpet in the living room and we actually had to get up and change the channel on the tv. I would get the be-jezus shocked out of me.  So, I made the kids change the channel.  They would actually scoot across the carpet in their socks just to see if they would light up when they touched it.  Doesn't happen now with wood floors and remotes.

Many years ago I went in to work and had no idea that I had a pair of panties stuck to the back of my skirt.  Thank goodness a co-worker was nice enough to tell me or I would have been sporting that look all day.

Another time I went to the doctor and as I was perched on the exam table I looked down and noticed something sticking out the hem of my slacks.  I became entranced by the foreign object and while the doctor continued talking about my diagnosis I started pulling on it.  It kept coming and coming like a magician's scarf trick.  It was a pair of panty hose!  I quickly wadded them in my hand and stuffed them under my butt!    

I can't count the number of times I've pulled a sweater over my head to have my hair stand up like a science experiment.  Or just when you think you are about the hottest looking thing at the party your husband lets you know your skirt is stuck to your back only about 3 inches higher then your  fanny.  

All the above examples are why I have this in my desk drawer.


paisely said...

useful advice, when the instructions state to "not use in the dyer"...dont. My mother tried this and it was so damaging to her dryer that she had to buy a new one. I am not sure what her thought process was, but it was a FAIL.

binboy said...

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