Monday, January 9, 2012

The 21st Century

Ron and I made to the movie Saturday night to see "We bought a zoo" and it was really good.  I highly recommend it.   Just a good wholesome family movie.

Today we purchased new cell phones and a dishwasher for Mike.  That was an adventure.  We took Mike to Sears and he interviewed the clerk for about 30 minutes on what kind of Indian he was.  It was an interesting conversation.  Thank goodness Ron had more patience with him than I did.  I felt my blood sugar taking a nose dive and had to go find something to eat.  I left Ron in charge of Mike and they managed to complete the transaction.

We got new phones so we could start texting.  We had to change our phone plans as well.  When I called my daughter and told her I could now text she said, "Thank are now in the 21st century".  Ron's daughter was just as elated.  Good grief........I guess it's the new mode of communication.

Monday has arrived way to quickly.  I have to gear up for another week and my heart isn't in it yet.  

I've been thinking a lot about chronic depression, anxiety disorders and other emotional challenges and how all or some have affected so many members of my family.  It seems that my dad and I are the only ones that were not impacted by such afflictions.  My dad was a fun loving happy guy all the time.  Even with the responsibility of taking care of my brother 24/7.  Mike was with my dad every day and I can't remember one time that my dad complained about it.  He tried once to set Mike up to live alone and when it didn't work he just accepted the fact and Mike moved back home.  No complaints were heard. 

By nature I'd say that I'm a happy person.  I don't suffer from anxiety or depression.  I'm afraid I don't handle the stress of caring for my brother as well as my dad did.  I try to vent any frustration I'm feeling here and then leave it.  So far this method seems to work.

I was telling my boss this morning that I felt as if I was a little harsh on the phone with Mike.  She said, "If that's harsh then I'm a sadistic bitch when I talk to my husband."  She assured me that whatever frustration I was feeling was not evident on the phone call.  That made me feel better.

What really gets me is why did I get the genetic roll of the dice that I did?  Why, when every other member of my family has such challenges?  Guess I shouldn't question it but just be grateful!


Patrick said...

Pondering the why of the proverbial roll of the dice, now that will drive you nuts. :)

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Arkansas Patti said...

Some one has to steady the tiller. Lucky you and your Dad got the necessary genes to do the job. I am just glad you have Ron to help.