Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Updates

The weekend was good but not long enough!  Ron and I met his aunt and cousin for dinner at Charleston's Friday night and that was fun.  Ron doesn't have many relatives left and his Aunt Florine is 80 now but she's very healthy and looks fantastic.  For her birthday her daughter brought her to Okla. City for a spa weekend.  Nice way to spend your 80th birthday......little pampering is good for the soul.

My latest Mike story is we found out he had gotten some kind of aversion to the shower.  Something about the water hurting his eyes or his skin or he couldn't breathe in the water or something to that affect so he had just been "patting his hair with water to remove the pollen".  Sooooo I got into action and Ron and I purchased him a pair of swim goggles and a snorkel and said, "Have at it".  (A sight I can only imagine) Evidently it resolved all his issues (at least for the time being) and he was spiffy and ready for church yesterday!  Now, if he decides he needs swim fins for the shower I'm drawing the line.

My poor daughter is still struggling with her recovery.  She's still having a lot of pain and is scared she will not be recovered enough for the first day of school.  A room full of 5-year olds requires more stamina than she has at the moment.  I'm just hoping things start to level out for her.

My little ole ulcer seems to be responding to the new medication so I'm feeling better.  All in all not a bad weekend!  Hope your's was good too!


Arkansas Patti said...

That is too funny about the mask and snorkle. Hey, do what works. That was very creative of you.
So sorry you daughter is not completely well. Hope she doesn't rush it. People who have back surgery problems are those who try to do to much too soon.
Glad you are whipping that ulcer into submission.

kenju said...

I can't imagine the snorkle and mask in the shower!! LOL But whatever works!

kenju said...

P.S. I read The Help and saw the movie today - it is wonderful!!