Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Living with Super Man

Last night Ron and I were having dinner when suddenly a piece of meat got stuck in my throat.  When I say stuck, I mean stuck.  Not a sound was coming from my mouth and all I could do was grab my throat and jump straight up and stomped my foot.  Which I did.  Ron thought I saw a bug but quickly realized I was choking.  He grabbed me and started the Heimlich.....after about 3 thrusts....up came the meat!  Hooray...my hero......he saved me from a Cass Elliot fate. But seriously, it scared us both to death!   Make sure you know how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver....it could save someone you love.  

It's also a good idea, especially for seniors, to know CPR.  Because I work in a hospital I am required to be certified every year but you can get training at any local Red Cross center and it can provide a sense of security to know what to do in an emergency.  You can also receive a basic first aide course as well.  Knowledge is power!

Today we get Ron's PET scan results!  We need all the positive vibes we can get. This is the day we dread....I am practically shaking when the doctor enters the room.  I hold my breath, trying to pick up any clue from her facial expression.  I'm afraid not only for Ron and what his reaction to bad news might be but also fear that I won't be strong enough to give him what he needs.  I try so hard to hide my fear.  

This morning Ron said, "I'll be glad when 2:00 gets here."  We then started talking about our expectations.  Reminding ourselves that he is doing well and has had no apparent symptoms of cancer.  We reminded ourselves that the 4 spots found in his lung have not been biopsied so for now cancer has not been confirmed.  I've been so worried about his lung that I forget about the possibility of the cancer returning to its original site.  Would Ron choose to have a 3rd operation to remove it if it comes back?  He said he would.  Last time it came back 6 months after his first surgery.  It has now been 6 months since the second surgery.

All I can do is pray and wait!  He's the love of my life! 



Patrick said...

AMEN!!!! and you may want to add specifically Choking First Aid and CPR for someone in a 'wheelchair'. You do not want to have to discover at a critical moment that life saving techniques are a bit different.

So very glad to read your story had the best of possible endings!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

kenju said...

I am praying that you both will be okay. Please be careful when you are eating!