Monday, August 22, 2011


Saw the movie, "The Help" this weekend.  Loved it.  I can't say whether I liked the book or the movie the best because for me the tone of each was very different.  The movie was more of a comedy and though the book had humorous parts it had (for me) a more serious under tone.

Ron is having his PET scan this morning and we get the results tomorrow at 2:00 pm.  Do people ever get used to this?  Living 3 months at a time because you can't plan anything further out than that.  Always feeling like the anvel is about to fall on your head and you can only hope that when it does it will get you with one blow and not just take you away piece by piece?  I keep saying positive affirmations every day that everything will be OK.  That we will have years together and that his cancer will be gone.  Thankfully he is feeling good and looks healthy so I have great hope that tomorrow will go well.

My daughter is still struggling to improve.  She's really had a rough time.  I saw her Saturday and did her laundry for her.  Trying to relieve some of her stress.  I just wish I could relieve some of her pain.  She will see her neurosurgeon this week I believe and hopefully he can give her some encouragement that the pain will get better.

I'm asking for good wishes and prayers for tomorrow!

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Olga said...

I also saw The Help this past weekend and thought the book had much greater depth.
My blessings rain down on your and yours.