Friday, April 29, 2011

Cognitive impairment is new to my brother's mental state.  I've been accustomed to his schizophrenic dillusions and his manic behavior for many years but not this recent development of dimentia.  In some ways the childlike behavior makes him easier to be around.  He doesn't have the paranoia that was so much a part of his mental illness.  That seems to have vanished for some reason.  He's just very much like a 9 year old boy in a 63 year old body.  He gets frightened easily and that is hard to witness.  I do my best to calm his fears but it isn't always easy.  He also gets very confused at times and needs his routine to be consistent in order to keep his anxiety at a managable level.  I wish I knew what happened the night he had his psychotic break.  I don't know if he suffered an injury or if his mind just betrayed him in some catastrophic way.  All I know is he hasn't been the same since and it has been six months now.  I hope to get him a neurological examination soon and maybe we will have more information.  I need to know if his cognitive decline will continue.  I need to know in order to plan for his future.


marciamayo said...

Dani, he isn't still living at home or with you, is he?

oklhdan said...

Yes, he is with Ron and I. He stays at his house some but it is with a caregiver. She is with him 3 days a week and that gives Ron and I a little break.