Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Hate To Strip Wallpaper!!!!!!!

I asked Ron to smack me a good one if I ever go near wallpaper again.  We spent the day stripping wallpaper from my mother's room.  I put it up when she & Mike first moved here 18 years ago.  I wanted it to be like her room in her former home so she would feel at home in her new house.  I don't regret it because she loved it so much but ohhhhhhhhh how I hated stripping it off the walls today.  I'm exhausted.  Mike spent about 4 hours with my older brother while Ron and I worked on the bedroom.  We actually got it finished.  Now tomorrow I'll paint the room.  We are getting closer to having the room fixed up and ready to move in the furniture.  I guess we will be staying there at night once we get it finished.

We were going to experiment with Mike staying in his house alone tonight but he started getting anxious about it and I told him we would try another time.  I can't stand seeing him scared or anxious.  So we are back at my house and he and Ron are watching the Oklahoma Vs  Connecticut game in the Fiesta Bowl.   Two happy campers right now.

I was having an emotional day today but Ron helped me get my nerves settled down.  The only time I am completely overwhelmed is when I allow myself to imagine life without Ron.  I just start shaking and wondering how on earth I could go on without him.  It took me almost my entire life to find him again and he literally changed my life.  I'm praying so hard for a miracle!  Hope is the only thing that is keeping me going.


marciamayo said...

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches on your soul - my favorite Emily Dickinson quote and one that seems to fit what you need right now.

oklhdan said...

Marcia, that has been my favorite Emily Dickenson poem since I was in highschool.