Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here's to a great Tuesday!

I'm just getting ready to start the day but enjoying a little peace and tranquility before I begin.  I'm still having trouble sleeping at night.  I wake up about every hour and as Ron says ,"My mind starts buzzing".  I lost another 2 pounds since Sunday but I think it will slow down now that I'm back to work.  I haven't been trying it is just coming off from what I am sure is due to stress.  Of course I've also been climbing up and down a ladder stripping wallpaper and getting ready to paint a room.  It's amazing what a little exercise can do for you! 

Mike had such a great day yesterday.  It's a good thing I have all the car keys with me because he said he would have driven to Braum's (icecream).  We talked about it last night and he agreed that driving wouldn't be a good idea.    Gads........now I have to worry about pedestrians and the general public's welfare. :)

Ron and I are talking about getting married as soon as we get his house sold.  I'm ready!  I think 55 years is a long enough courtship don't you?   


Arkansas Patti said...

Now that is wonderful news and yes, that courtship has been long enough.

Olga said...

Have the best Tuesday ever...one day at a time. 55 years, that is a long courtship. Grab all the joy you possibly can.

Judy said...

Why wait?!? Go for it now and enjoy this extra time together. How about next Tuesday!?! :)

marciamayo said...

I agree with Judy. You've waited long enough. Get married as soon as possible and celebrate any way you want.