Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Date

 I guess everyone remembers their first date or at least most girls remember.  I was 15 when I had my first date and I was scared out of my mind.  I remember my father gave the boy a tour of our house....A TOUR for goodness sakes like this kid was considering architecture as a career choice or better yet, interior design.  I about died when my dad opened the door to my room which was a complete disaster because I had tried on every article of clothing I owned looking for just the right outfit.  I just remember thinking my dad was a complete dork.  But when I became the mother of soon- to-be-dating teens I realized I had not been the only nervous person in my family when I had my first was my dad!

Now, teenagers and dating....those are two words that would strike fear into the hearts of any parent.  When my girls got to the dating age I was a single parent and could only wish for an intimidating figure like my dad to infuse fear into the hearts of all would be suitors.  As a single mom and not a very imposing figure to those hormone raging young men I had to get creative.

So, when the first pimple faced, hormone raging, knocked kneed suitor came a calling I was ready.  Before the day of the BIG DATE I had found our old Sesame Street Growth Chart and nonchalantly taped it along side the door frame of the front door.  I then got my old Polaroid camera and loaded it with film.  Then I waited!

The next day when froggy came a courtin I insisted on being the first to greet him.  We exchanged introductions and I got the itinerary for the evening and the time I could expect my daughter's safe return.  I could see that my daughter was showing signs of relief that so far I hadn't embarrassed myself or better yet her.  Then just as they were about to leave I whipped out the camera.  My daughter grimaced but decided to pose and get it over with.  I told her first I wanted one of her date alone.  I asked the young man to line up next to the growth chart and to say "cheese".  With Polaroid picture developing before our eyes I then advised him how handy it would be for the police if my daughter wasn't returned in the same condition in which she left!  

Intimidation knows no gender!


marciamayo said...

Two teenagers, one parent. You were outnumbered, yet you were victorious.

Betty said...

A tour of the house? How embarrassing! But, at least your parents didn't go on the date with you, like mine and his did. Now THAT's embarrassing!

Arkansas Patti said...

Brilliant, just brilliant. As effective as my dad calmly cleaning his hunting rifle in front of my boyfriend. We work with what we have.