Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

One of my favorite holidays!  I've been a single parent since my now 39 year old daughters were 5 years old.  Because their dad was not in their lives they started honoring me both on Mother's Day and Father's Day.  It started out with them giving me a traditional Father's Day card but it gradually turned into a full out event!  Over the years they have given me what they considered "Dad gifts".  I got tools (some of which reallly came in handy) Best Dad cups, fishing pole (I never fished in my life along with the pipe I've never smoked).  When they were twelve I dressed up in my version of Dad attire.  I wore some baggy plaid burmuda shorts, a t-shirt with World's Greatest Dad printed on it with black socks and sandals.  I carried around an empty beer can just for a touch of class and burped on command.  (about made myself sick)  I really can't wait to see what they have in store for me this year!


kenju said...

That is hilarious!! YOur daughters have a great sense of humor and obviously much love for you!!

Olga said...

Well. that is really fun. The three of you have a great attitude.

marciamayo said...

True survivors find a way to live life with a smile, no matter what. I think that's the secret to true happiness, and you, Dani, have that secret.

Arkansas Patti said...

Could you take a picture this year for us?
Your daughters are the greatest.
Happy Father's Day gal.