Thursday, June 10, 2010

Define ASAP

You know it is quite apparent that one persons sense of urgency may not be the same as your own.  On Tuesday I had my yearly mammogram done and yesterday afternoon I had an "urgent" call from my doctor waiting on my answering machine.  She told me to return her call asap.  So first thing this morning I called and was told, "Dr. W. will not be back until Monday".  Huh???????? and to top it off no one seemed to know what the call was about. double Huh???????? so I called the imaging center where I had the mammography done and they instructed me to get copies of my last test (which was done at another facility) and bring them to them asap.  So....I drove to the city and was told by the "records manager" that I could have them in 24 hours.  Obviously asap doesn't mean the same to her as it does to me but again....different sense of urgency.  So, here I am, stuck until tomorrow and then I don't know when I'll know just what is exactly going on.  But, my philosophy is don't borrow trouble until you know you have some.  So, onward I trod.

While I was in that torture device the other day I started thinking about this little song....

Do you ears hang low do they wobble to a fro?   Why yes, yes they do.

Can you tie em in a knot, can you tie em in a bow?  Why yes, yes I can.....oh no, that's my boobs!

That little diddy has a whole new meaning to me now in the gravity years.


marciamayo said...

Dani, I had a breast cancer scare about 10 years ago and it was the scariest couple of weeks of my life. I think your good news is, in spite of all the ASAPs, if they were really worried (mainly of lawsuits), they wouldn't have given you the run around.
I so love how, in the midst of terror, you are still able to be funny.

Linda said...

Yes, all to often in the medical world it's hurry up and wait. I hope you'll soon have some word to relieve your anxiety.

Loved the song and the cartoon.

kenju said...

I had a similar situation once, but it turned out to be a calcium deposit. Don't worry - and when you talk to your doctor - read her the riot act for doing that to you!!

Arkansas Patti said...

I wouldn't be too concerned. They love to test your ability to withstand extreme anxiety.
I have had that happen both with a mammogram and a pap smear and there was no problem either time. They do tend to get alarmed and love to spread it plus they get to charge for an additional test.
What kenju said about riot act.